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You’ve been working really hard to get more traffic to your website. You’ve been posting on social media, blogging regularly, sharing in Facebook groups, and the numbers do seem to be going up! But maybe that blog traffic isn’t turning into subscribers or paying clients.

Growing your business with your website isn’t just about getting people to come visit, it’s also having them stick around long enough to fall in love with you.

The reality is, not everyone will fall in love with you after reading just one blog post. So how do you get them reading more? Here are some tips:

Interlinking Your Content

Make sure you are constantly linking related topics within your blog posts or pages. This is great for search engine optimization, but also helps people find the topics that interest them that you have previously written about.

In each blog post you write, try to link to one or two other posts within your post where relevant. So if you’re writing a post about discovering your talents, and in one paragraph you talk about passion, if you’ve previously written about finding your passion, make sure to link to that post!

Resource Pages

A great way to help your website visitors find the content that best relates to them is to create resources pages. These pages are simply a list of links to blog posts that fall within the same category or topic. You don’t need to put these pages in your menu bar as these are not primary pages, but they are great in your blog sidebar, on your about page or on your subscriber Thank You page.

I recommend thinking about the top 3 broad topics you write about often that interest your ideal clients. Then find your most popular blog posts (or just the work you’re most proud of) that fit into those categories and include them on these pages.

Often, new (and old) visitors will not take the time to scroll through your old blog posts waiting for something that grabs their attention. Resources pages that direct them to your best stuff on a specific topic, will make it easier on them to explore your content further instead of clicking away.

Related Posts

If a reader has made it all the way to the bottom of your blog post, it most likely means they enjoyed it (if they didn’t, they would have clicked away before finishing!). If they enjoyed it, they will likely want to read other posts you have written on the same topic.

This is the perfect moment to show them related blog posts and helps them explore further content. You can use a WordPress plugin like this one or you can add them manually by simply writing the blog post titles and linking to those posts.

Blog Post Option Form

If someone just doesn’t have to time to stick around, you still want to make sure they’ll come back again. As you probably know, the best way to do that is to get them to sign up for your email list. Just like Related Posts, putting an optin form at the bottom of your blog posts is great because they’ve just read a post that they enjoyed and are likely ready to sign up for more!

You can do this manually, but using a plugin to make it happen automatically is even better. I love Magic Action Box for WordPress.


Go spend a few minutes checking out your blog and see which (or all) of these tips you could be implementing to keep visitors on your website hangin’ out longer. Then implement!
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