5 Ways for Using Images with Social Media

By now, we all know that images help our readers connect with us, engage with our writing, and maintain interest sliiiiightly longer (which is so, so important as all our attention spans shrink to nearly-nothing).

But how, exactly, can you use images with social media?

I’m sure you’re embedding images directly into your Twitter stream (because it makes your tweets 94% more likely to get shared) but what else can you do?

Here are five ways for using images with social media that will lead to more comments, more followers, and (eventually) more clients and sales.

(For the sake of reference, here’s a great breakdown of the dimensions and sizing for images on every social media platform.)

1. Create images with clever, inspirational, re-tweetable quotes from your blog posts
Did you write something heart-shaking and wise? Of course you did! Don’t let that nugget of wisdom languish in the middle of an old blog post! Type out your wisdom atop a photo of a sunset/ocean/skyline, share it with your followers, and watch the ‘likes’ and retweets roll in.
2. Share before-and-afters
With the approval of your clients, share before-and-after photos. Did you declutter their closet? Stock their fridge with healthy meals? Help them lose 20 pounds? Boost their blog traffic by 200%? Tangible, recognizable results brings in new clients like nothing else. When readers see what you’ve done for other people, they’ll want some of that magic for themselves!
3. Share images of clients using your products
Did you just publish a book that your clients are reading on beaches and patios around the world? Did you create a plant-based menu that people are cooking up in their kitchens right now? Ask your followers to send photos of your work in action, then (with their permission, of course) share those images on social media. If you’re really clever, you’ll include a link to the sales page of said product!
4. Give your people a peek at your premium offerings + behind the scenes
Are you running a retreat for 15 very special clients? Make sure to document the goings-on and share them. Are you working on a new offering? Share a few screenshots of your process or a funny still from your new video series. It’ll create buzz and keep your audience interested.
5. Show that you walk the walk
So, so many of us know what we need to do to accomplish a given goal – we need to run every day, write our morning pages, pitch investors, meditate, journal – and we can even write helpful, tip-filled posts about how our readers and followers can accomplish their goals.

And then we fall off the wagon ourselves.

It’s important that your followers know (and see!) that you really, actually do the things you say everyone else should do. So show your people the space where you meditate, your feet atop the mountain you just climbed, or all the things crossed off your to-do list. We’re much more likely to know, like, and trust (and buy things from) people who are living their work.

Each of these suggestions takes less than five minutes and will lead to more shares and likes than a little ol’ text-based tweet or Facebook update. What are you waiting for?

Linda Laegreid Johannessen is the founder and CEO of YAY Images, a stock image agency that’s the Spotify version of affordable, licensed images. For just $9.90 a month, you have access to 5 million (!!!) images that are perfect for blog posts, newsletters, and social media. She’d love it if you took advantage of a free month of photos or followed along on Twitter.