You’ve probably heard people rave about Twitter and how it’s helped them connect and grow their business online. If you’ve poked around and started tweeting, but aren’t seeing results, you may be missing out on one of the best ways to use it strategically: Twitter Lists.

Just looking at your home feed can seem like an overwhelming vortex of noise. You never see the tweets from people you want to see, and you have no idea how retweeting, favoriting, or responding to all these random tweets (from people you probably don’t know) will turn into actual results for your business.

I’ve been there. Then I discovered Twitter Lists.

Lists allow you to create custom feeds of tweets from the people you want to see and interact with. Since I started using them, I spend less time on Twitter, gain more followers, and get more relevant traffic to my website.

So first I want to show you how to setup lists (if you don’t know already) and then I will share with you the 3 types of lists that will help grow your business.


How to Setup Twitter Lists


List of Past Clients

There is nothing better when it comes to growing your referral business than staying in touch with past clients. If your clients are on Twitter, using a list to do so makes it easy and saves you time having to dig around, trying to find and remember each of your clients Twitter handles.

Not only can you create a list of past 1-on-1 clients, but you can create one for any group program or course you’ve offered. This also helps your clients connect with other people working through the material and allows them to support each other throughout the program.

Action step: Make a list for past clients so you can easily check in with each of them on a regular basis. Set a reminder on your calendar to visit your client list each week so you make it a habit.

List of Your Audience or Blog Readers

If you’ve heard of the 7-Touch rule, you know that on average, someone needs to be exposed to you or your work 7 times before they purchase from you. Your blog and newsletter is a great way to do this, but adding Twitter to the mix, helps it happen faster.

Hanging out and connecting with your community, where they hang out online, is a great way for them to know, like & trust you quicker.

Action Step: Create a list for your community. You can add people to it as they subscribe to your newsletter or you can announce on your blog, fan page or in a Facebook group (if you have one) that you’ve created a list and would love them to subscribe to it.

Bonus: If you make this list public, you allow your audience to see and connect with other members of your community. If someone resonates with you, they will likely love to connect with others in your community as well. Being a facilitator of these connections increases your expert status in your industry.

Using Other People’s Lists to Find Your People

There is nothing worse than wasting time trying to grow your Twitter followers by just following a bunch of random people in the hopes that they follow you back.

In order to reap the benefits of Twitter, being strategic of who you follow and spend time connecting with is essential.

If you’ve done any work on discovering your target market, you likely have an idea of who else in your industry they look up to. Looking at other people’s Twitter lists is a great way to find people with the same interests as you that you should connect with and follow.

You can find these lists by going to someone else’s profile, clicking More > Lists and then you’ll have two options:


Action Step: Look at the lists of people doing similar things as you (otherwise known as your “competition”). You’ll be able to see which lists they have been added to and who created that list. The members of these lists and even the creator, is likely a relevant lead you should follow.


Head on over to Twitter and start creating new lists. It will take some time to build them up, but will save you more time in the long-run as you learn to use them effectively.

Leah Kalamakis wants to live in a world where website shame doesn’t exist and anyone can find freedom in freelancing. As a web designer and freedom-seeker, she helps entrepreneurs have beautiful online homes and freelancers find freedom from soul-sucking corporate jobs.

When she’s not hanging out online, you can find her eating popcorn, riding her scooter along the French coast, or drinking wine in the sunshine.

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