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Many people become overwhelmed by the massive amount of information on social media: the number of connections, the frequent updates, and the ever increasing choice between social networks. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media, or whether you’re finding it challenging to stand out in the crowd, it may be time to re-think your strategy and to re-organize things.


    1. Are you following the right people? When using social media for business, you need to focus on connecting with two main groups of people: your ideal clients and your ideal joint venture partners. Be focused when connecting, and look to connect with these two groups of people.
    2. Are you following the wrong people? Sometimes we build up our online network with people who just aren’t right for us or for our business. Maybe we’ve connected with people who bring us down in some way, or who just don’t feel right anymore. That means it’s time to declutter and detox our networks and disconnect with anyone we no longer want to be following online.
    3. Are you on the right social networks? One thing I teach all of my clients is to NOT try to be on every single social networking site. Focus on the top 2-3 sites that you enjoy and where you know your ideal clients are already spending time…and forget all the rest. Yes, just let go of them.
    4. Are you separating personal use from business use? Get clear on how much time you can reasonably spend each month on social media for your business, and schedule that time in your calendar. When you’re focusing on social media for business, ignore all the personal stuff. Train your brain to really focus on the business part of social media, and optimize your time.



  • Be choosy. From now on, connect only with your ideal clients and JV partners, and other people who you truly want to get to know better online. Let go of the idea that you have to follow everyone back, or like their page just because they asked you to.
  • Use keywords. When searching for new people to follow on social media, be sure to use the most relevant keywords to your business so you can connect with relevant people, rather than just every random person who asks to connect.
  • Create Twitter lists. Are you following thousands of people on Twitter, and are now overwhelmed by your Twitter feed? Select your top tweeps and add them to lists, which you can categorize around themes. You can create both public and private lists on Twitter.
  • Create Facebook lists. Have you liked so many Facebook pages that you can’t keep up with them all? Create a list of Facebook of your favorite pages, so you can be sure to stay on top of their activity. You can also create lists for groups of friends, so if you want to separate your business friends from personal friends, you can create separate lists for them.
  • Use RSS feeds. Do you struggle to stay on top of all the blogs you enjoy reading? Subscribe to them using RSS feeds, and then manage those feeds using an app like Feedly, which will organize them all in a magazine-type setting, so you can scroll through your favorite blogs and then share the links online if you find them interesting.
  • Do joint ventures. Build a partnership with other coaches who have a similar client base to yours, but who provide a different type of solution. They’ll help you not only build your network with relevant connections, but they will also help you to get more clients.


      1. Choose just three of these tips, and implement them this week. See how it affects your social networking experience, and adjust as needed.
      2. Schedule time in your calendar to implement more of these suggestions. It may be easiest to declutter and detox each individual social network at a time, rather than planning a big block of time to do it all at once.
      3. Re-evaluate your strategy on a regular basis, and adjust, declutter, and re-focus as needed. Plan to do this on a quarterly basis.


    I know that a lot of people struggle with the concept of not being on every single social network, but you may find that once you’ve scaled down your social media activity and re-focused your strategy, your FOMO (fear of missing out) turns to JOMO (joy of missing out). I’ve borrowed that phrase from Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, who’s a big fan of taking regular time out from her offline activity. The point is that the more focused and organized you make your social media experience, the more effective it will be…and in the process, you’ll have managed to turn down the noise as well.

    Holly Worton helps coaches and women in heart-centered businesses go from confusion to confidence with social media, so they can use it to build relationships online and get more clients. As a heart-centered business owner, you do amazing work, and Holly wants to help you help more people. The way to do that is through Connection, and social media is one of the best ways to connect with others and build your tribe. Sign up for her free 90-minute social media training at SociallyHolistic to start building connections online. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, or Instagram.