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Thank you!

Unless you found this page randomly and by accident, arriving here means that we’ve processed your order for the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

The email confirming your order can take a few minutes to arrive. Once it does, you’ll have your download link to download the program. We strongly recommend immediately backing up your copy to a DVD or USB keychain; we provide two downloads per purchase, and if your computer had a meltdown, you’d want to either use your other download or refer to where you’d saved your back up copy. Due to the volume of requests we were receiving, we don’t provide additional downloads.


Other ways to connect

Interested in meeting more people who want to have authentic conversations about marketing? Check out the Coaching Blueprint Facebook page:

I also have a Coaching Blueprint Pinterest Page that offers some visual business inspiration (or “bizpiration”).

If you’re a life coach who hasn’t completed training, yet, or who wants additional training that would bring a holistic skill-set to your craft of coaching, learn more about my life coach training program.

If you’re not already a subscriber, the Coaching Blueprint e-letter offers weekly resources and ideas for building your practice.

When you feel ready, I work with a limited number of people each month on business strategy in a Blueprint Session.


You’ve got this

What I needed to hear the most in my first several years of working for myself, was this: you’ve got this.

I feel so fortunate that I had people around me who would remind me of this when I got stuck in comparisons or thought that I couldn’t create the business that I wanted.

I hope you really connect with these words, when I say them to you: You’ve got this.

You can do this.

Like you, I started with zero clients. Zero subscribers. Zero followers.

I didn’t have a secret handshake, friends who would network for me, or any special advantages. I have what you have: a sincere desire to figure out how to market my business in a way that aligned profit with my values. I wanted to be myself, in every area of my business (and life).

You can do this. You can do this. You can do this.

Big love!