Interview: Tara Gentile - Coaching Blueprint - marketing for life coaches



Do you really need a niche?

Tara Gentile is such a rock star. I enormously like and respect her, because she’s pragmatic and interested in how-to that goes far beyond a few strategic maneuvers.

In this video, we talk about niche and the real deal–do you actually need one?


After the video

Exercise: Take a look at just one of your sales pages. Is it clearly defined for a specific person, or a specific person with a specific set of values and beliefs?

In The Coaching Blueprint I go beyond the discussion of niche and demographics and devote an entire chapter to exploring the concept of psychographics–the value indicators that people live by.


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taragentileTara Gentile is a marketing consultant, author of Quiet Power Strategy, and creator of the 10 Thousand Feet mastermind program. She empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to find the profit in producing the work of their true spirit.