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I asked the Blueprint Coaches this question: If you were re-building your coaching practice from the ground-up, today, what would you do differently? Here’s how Tanya Geisler responded.


Perhaps it’s my overt Pollyanna archetype, but when I encounter someone on the precipice of starting their new coaching business, I have am overcome with a flush of joy for them. And then some ripples of excitement, and then tingles of nervousness on their behalf.

Let me be clear…those tingles are NOT THAT THEY WILL FAIL.

No, no, no, no, no.

Those tingles are a recollection of my own path. Oh, I remember it so well…the heady swoon of possibility. That this can be EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT.

It’s that feeling of the proverbial kid in a candy store (an AMERICAN candy store, no less, with more options available than any Canadian kid has ever seen). So many choices. Each one more delicious than the last.

“I can do that?”
“I can do that AND that?”
“I can do that AND that and THAT??”

Yes. You can.

I did.

It was equal parts thrilling and dizzying.

I think this is less about what I would do differently and more what I would do with greater awareness and intention.

#1: Asking for help
I asked for help. A lot. And I would like to think I would do the same again…this time, perhaps with less apology. I see now that I’ve been right all along.

Bottom line:: People WANT to help. People WANT to see you succeed. A well-crafted, heartfelt ask often feels like a gift.

#2: Establishing routine
As I developed my practice, I knew the days would feel untethered. Or, that was my fear. So I became Puritan in my commitment to my time-management routine for the first number of years. I never (ever) paused to watch TV, nap. I had dedicated days to do dedicated tasks. But oh the hours I have wiled away on Social Media. So in some ways, I felt a little strangled by my own structures AND a little untethered. Now I seek more elasticity in my structures.

Bottom line:: Look for what nourishes you (and do more of that) and look for what drains you (and do less of that).

#3: Wanting Mastery
To be in full integrity with the incredible clients who were “taking a chance” on me, I held back from swinging out with my intuition early on. In my coaching, in waiting to create products and programs. I didn’t know that I already had permission to be an excellent coach. That I WAS an excellent coach. I was waiting for someone to tap me with their sword and proclaim me an “expert”. That somehow that would change everything. And then people started to call me that, and STILL I wasn’t “ready”. Oh that Trickster Impostor Complex.

Bottom line:: You’re (way) more ready than you think.

#4: Speak more
Likely resisting the aforementioned “not expert enough” I really didn’t do the amount of public speaking that I would have liked to have done. It may have also been a hangover from my corporate days…holding events were very elaborate affairs better suited to someone else. SO I resisted that workload. It felt like one more thing I didn’t want to do, though the reality is that I love to speak. I love to connect with large groups. I love to help them see things differently.

Bottom line:: Do more of what you love. Nomaddawhat.


tanya geisler

Tanya Geisler is a certified professional business and life coach who helps people who helps people find their THING, get clear about it and then rock it out.  She’s also pretty adept at helping people step into their most glorious, radiant, productive, purposeful selves: the starring role of their lives.