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Are you still searching for the “silver bullet” that tells you how to run your business?

It’s seductive to think that if you just follow how someone else is doing it, you’re going to have the same kind of success, isn’t it?

Just follow their program, emulate their style, execute the to-do lists that they tell you to execute.

The Coaching Blueprint is the antithesis of that–you can’t do it anyone else’s way. You can only do it your way.

And along the way? You can get the insights of more than 12 other amazing coaches who want to share with you what they stumbled over and how they struggled, so that you can circumvent some of those challenges as you create your practice, your way.

After the video
I paired some talk with money and charging alongside the conversation about “doing it your way” on purpose–because you’re invited to start there.

  • Where are the ugly comparisons in your coaching practice/business?
  • Where does money signify worth in your coaching practice/business?
  • Where do you look at what someone else makes (financially) and think that if you don’t make the same, you’re not “doing it right”?

Don’t avoid these questions!

If you’re not doing money work, you’re shooting your business in the foot–and the amazing thing is that the money work does not go away with time. It just continues to evolve and change as you grow what you do.


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tanya geislerTanya Geisler is a certified professional business and life coach who helps people find their THING, get clear about it and then rock it out.  She’s also pretty adept at helping people step into their most glorious, radiant, productive, purposeful selves: the starring role of their