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formatting guidelines

If you’ve reviewed everything on these pages and your work fits ( ,, ) then the last step is to submit your piece.

Please submit in the following manner:

  • Proofread your piece one final time and double-check that the word count is below 1,000.
  • Open a new email to (yes, a different URL).
  • Subject line: Your name, title of your piece. E.g., Kate Swoboda, 15 Ways to Market your Retreat
  • Please copy/paste your content into an email–no word documents, no attachments.
  • At the end of your piece, include a 2-3 sentence (120 word) bio. Put links in brackets so that they won’t automatically hyperlink in the email: [ ]


That’s it! Thank you so much for submitting to . Our editorial team is genuinely thrilled at the prospect of working with you and featuring your writing.

We’ll get back to you within 14 business days if we are able to accept your piece for submission. And, of course, you’re always welcome to submit a second piece that fits our guidelines.