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6 questions to ask yourself before submitting

1.) After reading my piece, am I clear on what a life coach would learn/know/be able to do as a result of reading my piece?
Remember that this is a central question that all pieces need to answer.

2.) Have I proofread my piece, prior to submission?
Unfortunately, we don’t have time to proofread submissions. It’s critical that you’ve checked your its vs. it’s and run a spell-check. It’s really helpful to read pieces out loud to catch run-together sentences and sentence fragments.

3.) Is the piece focused and does it offer readers steps for taking action?
If you find that you have a wealth of information to share on a topic, consider only sharing what’s most important, or consider dividing the piece into two separate pieces so that each submission can be tightly focused. Also, readers should have a clear view of how they can take action, or apply the information, in their own businesses. Additionally, the action suggested should not be a plug for your own products, offerings, or services.

4.) How’s my title?
Marketing studies have shown that a title is one of the most important factors that determines whether or not a piece will be read. A title like “10 ways to Improve Your Newsletter–Now” is going to get more visibility than “Help With Newsletters.”

5.) Do I meet the platform requirement that was discussed on the 1st page of the submission guidelines: https://www.coachingblueprint.com/submission-1 ?
Again, we have a specific reason for this platform requirement–we really want to make sure that the writers featured at CoachingBlueprint.com can demonstrate that they know how to do what they are going to teach others to do.

6.) Is my content original and unpublished elsewhere, and is it under 1,000 words?

Got all of those taken care of? Wonderful. Let’s head to the last step: formatting your submission.