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Writing Ideas for CoachingBlueprint.com

We’re really thrilled that you’re contributing! One of the best parts of contributing to CoachingBlueprint.com is the ability to get your work out there and establish expertise and a publishing record, while also helping other life coaches to grow their businesses.

We only publish for the following categories. Again, a central question that your submission should (indirectly) answer is this: What would a life coach learn about growing her coaching business, from reading this piece?

Here are some ideas for topics we’re interested in:

Marketing + Money (social media, finances, blogging, e-letter building tips):
What are some new ways of building engagement on Facebook? How can someone build their social media platform in ways that feel good? What are some marketing areas that it’s critical to invest in? Offer ways to find inspiration for blogging, writing for newsletters…fresh ideas for content creation…ways to engage e-letter readers…ways to boost conversions…clarify your value proposition…identify your ideal customer…critical questions to ask that help with ________________….

Workflows + Time Hacks (admin, billing, time management, scheduling ideas): Systems for time management and organization…ways of scheduling that are unique or that help to maximize getting all of the other stuff done…billing systems that are highly effective…a review of the top # providers of (scheduling systems, billing systems, etc.)…how to find, hire, etc., the perfect VA…

Clients + Skillset (issues with clients, additional skills that coaches can learn): How to handle accountability issues…client exercises that life coaches can try with their own clients…what to do if clients are angry/sad/suicidal/difficult/hostile…

Beyond 1:1 (writing related to retreats, e-courses, workshops, and anything else that is outside the domain of 1:1 client sessions). How to lead a great retreat…things to keep in mind when inviting guest speakers for your e-course…organizational tips for a workshop…ways to parlay workshop content into book content…

Of course, we do accept other submissions that fall into these categories yet don’t address these specific topics–we just want to throw these out there to give people a sense of the types of pieces that we’re looking for.

AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT NEED: Pieces on the emotional aspects of starting a business–believing in yourself, dealing with difficult days or difficult clients, how business is like life, etc.

Click below for the six questions to ask yourself before submitting: