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We’re selective about what we publish at . Our website is aimed at helping life coaches–specifically–to create profitable and fulling practices. Here are the details:

We are accepting submissions for the following categories (only). We are not accepting personal essays, and all information provided needs to have a clearly defined learning objective intended for the reader. A great question to ask yourself prior to submitting is this: What will a new or emerging life coach learn from reading this piece?

Categories: Marketing + Money (social media, finances, blogging, e-letter building tips); Workflows + Time Hacks (admin, billing, time management, scheduling ideas); Clients + Skillset (issues with clients, additional skills that coaches can learn); Beyond 1:1 (writing related to retreats, e-courses, workshops, and anything else that is outside the domain of 1:1 client sessions). Guest posts submitted would need to fall within one of these topical categories.

Word count: 500-1,000 words.

Platform Minimum: One of the issues currently plaguing the coaching industry is the phenomenon of “marketing experts” who say they can help life coaches to build online platforms…yet those “marketing experts” doling out advice have not themselves been able to build a sizable platform. We really want to make sure that everyone who contributes to is someone who knows this terrain, who has built their platform, and who thus has a demonstrable record of experience and success. For that reason, we only accept submission from those people who have at least 1,000 followers combined between Twitter and Facebook, and/or 1,000+ followers on just one of these platforms.

Original Content: Posts must be uniquely published on this website. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (including a personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites. We delete any posts that we see republished elsewhere, even if they are republished after original publication at

Integrity Rules: Changing just a few sentences in order to make it appear as if content is original is a scammy move. Additionally, we don’t accept pieces that are promo pieces, advertisements, press releases, SEO-driven posts intended to boost keywords. Links to external sites will be removed from the body copy, excepting links to the author’s website and social media profiles in the author bio.

Payment: We don’t financially compensate contributors for posts, but we do promote your work via our social media channels and sometimes our newsletter. We also include your bio (2-3 sentences with links to your website and social media profiles) with each published piece and provide you with a badge for creating any info graphics demonstrating your publishing portfolio.

Editing: By submitting to, you’re accepting that we may need to edit the content of your piece, and you’re giving us permission to do so.

Proofreading: Pieces that have consistent and repetitive issues with grammar, usage, typos, and other errors will not be considered for submission.

Following Up: Sometimes, it can take us awhile to follow up (for which, we apologize–it gets busy around here). If you haven’t heard back from us within 14 days, it’s okay to submit your piece elsewhere for publication. Additionally, you’re always welcome to send us more than one piece for review.

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