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Do you have a new product or service that you’ll be launching soon? Social media can be a very important part of helping you get the sign-ups you want. The most important thing is to have a plan, and to organize everything well in advance of the actual launch. Here’s how to use social media for a launch.


Start with the end in mind by creating a social media strategy that works toward a set of clear goals. Once you’ve set clear objectives as to the number of sign-ups you want for your program, or purchases of your product, you can work back from that. Keep this goal in mind as you’re preparing your social media launch plan.

You’ll need to plan in advance, and create your social media strategy at least four weeks in advance of your actual launch date. Why? Because you’ve got a lot to put together: all marketing materials, including images, sample tweets, and posts will need to be ready to go well before your launch date.


  1. Create a hashtag. Come up with something brief and unique, and make sure that no one else is using this hashtag already by checking online. Run a search on Twitter to see if it’s being used, and check on Hashtags.org as well. This will make it easier for people to see the discussion around your launch, and may help spread the word by giving you extended reach.

  3. Start a teaser campaign. As soon as you know exactly what you’ll be creating, start spreading the word online. Tweet about how excited you are about this new thing you’re planning. Post on other social networks about it. Share behind the scenes progress updates. Get people excited for what’s to come.

  5. Set up an email list. Create a special email list and a squeeze page on your website to encourage people to sign up to be the first to hear when your new product finally launches. Share this link on all of your social profiles, and ask friends to help spread the word. This is a great way to gauge interest, and to personally reach out to people once your new product goes live.

  7. Plan your content. All of your blog posts, podcasts, videos, and whatever other content you create in advance of and during your launch should be related to the product or service that you’ll be launching. Brainstorm as many ideas for topics as you can, and make note of them so you can create an editorial calendar around your launch.

  9. Leverage your community. Create an affiliate program, make arrangements with joint venture partners, or simply ask for help in spreading the word. Be sure to reach out to your community and other friends in business and ask for their assistance. Hopefully you’ve been generous in helping to promote other people’s products and services before now; if not, now is the time to start.

  11. Run contests. You can organize contests to encourage your affiliates to promote your launch, and you can run contests for people to win something that’s related to your launch. People love free stuff, and contests can be a very effective way of spreading the word about your launch, especially when the prizes are relevant to your business or your product/service.

  13. Promote offline efforts. Use social media to amplify your offline promotion of your launch: speaking at events and networking groups, interviews, and media coverage including print, TV, and radio should all be promoted on your social media profiles.

  15. Invest in advertising. The right kind of advertising can be very effective for driving traffic to your sales page and ultimately in getting you more sales. If you’ll be running webinars or other events to promote your launch, be sure to invest in Facebook advertising (ads created in the Ad Manager or Power Editor, not boosted posts) to encourage signups.

  17. Celebrate signups. Share feedback online once your product/service has launched: welcome new people when they sign up, create urgency by announcing the number of available spots left in your program, and share positive messages others post about your launch.


Once you’ve got your social media plan for your launch, you’ll need to create a number of shareable tweets (with your launch hashtag), email and blog copy for people to paste and use, and Facebook/Google+ posts. Put together any images to promote your launch, and package this all up so that you can share it with your affiliates or joint venture partners.

You’ll also need a number of great testimonials about you and the results you’ve helped clients get. If this is a brand new product/service, you won’t have testimonials specific to this offering (unless you get beta testers), but you can definitely use general testimonials from clients.

Once you’ve got your plan together and all of your tweets and posts ready, program them all to go out in advance of your launch. You’ll have so many other things to do with your launch that you don’t want to be stressed about your social media marketing. Plan to have a VA schedule all of these posts for you, so that once you’re in the midst of your launch, all you have to do is engage with people who have commented on and shared your launch news online.


Make notes throughout your launch of what seems to be working and what isn’t, so you can sit down and evaluate your strategy post-launch. Get clear on what you need to do more of in future launches, and what you can let go of.


If you have an upcoming launch, go through these steps today and make sure to allot time in your calendar to get each of these steps done before your launch date. Good luck!
Holly Worton helps coaches and women in heart-centered businesses go from confusion to confidence with social media, so they can use it to build relationships online and get more clients. As a heart-centered business owner, you do amazing work, and Holly wants to help you help more people. The way to do that is through Connection, and social media is one of the best ways to connect with others and build your tribe. Sign up for her free 90-minute social media training at SociallyHolistic to start building connections online. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, or Instagram.

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