Are your clients telling you how exhausted they are at the end of each day? Maybe they feel so overwhelmed with the large pile on their plate that just thinking about their to-do list makes them feel queasy.

When the stress is sucking the fun & joy out of their work, listen up as I have 3 easy steps to help reset your client’s motivation.

They deserve to get back to feeling inspired – and it’s easier than you think. With a few simple steps, they can take back the reins on their life & business. Today.

Let dive right in, shall we?

Step 1: Help them get crystal clear about where their energy’s going

Ask them to get real with themselves: where are they spending the most time in their life? What occupies most of their focus?

Is it working with multiple clients & customer service headaches? Logistics? Processes? Chores? Family events? Or maybe a case of “Ooh, Facebook Newsfeed Distraction!” syndrome that knocks them off track time and time again.

Ask them to write a list of all the tasks in their business or job, and estimate how many hours in the day they’re working on them. Make sure they are honest with themselves.

Once they’re clear on where they’re really pouring their energy, it will be easier to categorize and rearrange their schedule.

For example: if they spending 3 hours a day responding to Facebook inquiries, but there’s a pile of untouched invoices on their desk, see if they can swap the time slots. Suggest they devote just 45 minutes to social media responses instead, and spend the rest of the time chunk getting those papers out.

Tip: Start by getting your clients to use a timer. After the 45-minute social media stint is up, they reset it for two hours to take care of administrative pileup. Devoting a specific amount of time to a certain tasks cranks up their productivity, and sets them up for success.

Step 2: Be strong about their schedule

Get them to say this with you: “No is the new Yes.

How much time do they spend on projects they’d rather not be doing, or attending social events, gatherings, or meetings they know won’t serve them in the long run?

My guess is, too much. So get them to take back control of their calendar right now!

You can get them to start small. Ask them to pick out 3 tasks, events, or appointments they can decline or delegate over the next 30 days. While you are talking with them get them to circle those ones with a pen or highlighter.

Keep trying this for the next few months, and feel free to get them to build the “No is the new Yes” muscle by crossing off more and more items asthey go. Practice makes perfect – so the more they say no, the easier it will become.

Your client might struggle with this. Tell them not to get caught up in the assumption that boundaries = selfishness. It’s completely acceptable, healthy, and necessary for them to start doling out loving, respectful “no thank you”s.

Their time is valuable. Support them in treating it that way.

Step 3: Get them to enlist good help

Got something on the to-do list that they hate doing, or just isn’t in their realm of expertise? Figure out what they can do to outsource those items to a third party.

Granted, this doesn’t always have to be hired help. There are applications to make them be more productive, and methods to streamline business’ processes that will make them faster and more efficient.

Getting back behind the wheel that drives their life = energy management and motivation refueling.

Help them take control of their calendar, say no, and find the help they need are three fantastic ways to move your clients business and life forward.

Start with these 3 simple steps on your next client calls and watch as their enthusiasm skyrockets.

Liz Brazier is an internationally-based accountability coach, productivity strategist, writer, and host of the Live Your Life Now™ and Get the Right “Bleep” Done podcast. She’s dedicated her work to help entrepreneurs find more freedom, flexibility and control in their busy lives and business. How? By giving them the inspiration and tools to take action, kick busy work to the curb and help them get the RIGHT stuff done – instead of waiting for a magical ‘someday’. Connect with Liz on Facebook, Twitteror on her blog.

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