You are great at your job. You show up and help your clients where they need it most, over-deliver, and they love you for it.

But the amount of continued marketing it takes to get your next client can sometimes feel overwhelming or unsustainable. That’s where referral business and repeat coaching clients come in to save the day.

Doing a great job delivering the service your clients have paid you for is key, but you’ve got that covered. Delighting your clients after you’re done working with them is the easiest way to ensure repeat clients and on-going referrals.

So before you wrap up with your next client, consider putting these strategies into action:

Give a “Goodbye” Package

At the end of your time with a client, the best way to ease them into taking the next steps on their own and wrap up the wonderful work you’ve done together is to put together an “end of our work together” package.

This can be a page on your website, and email, or better yet, a personalized pdf.

Here are some ideas of things to include:

  • A personal note mentioning how much you enjoyed working with them.
  • Links to past blog posts of yours that will help them take their next steps.
  • Any bonus material that will help them further (meditations, an ebook, etc). These can be something you create specifically for clients or that you regularly sell on your website.
  • Create a video with a personal thank you to them, especially if you haven’t met them in person. The fact that you take the time to record yourself, is much more meaningful than a simple “Thank You” in an email.

Send a Thoughtful Thank You Gift

Everyone is touched by snail mail! Especially with our lives happening more and more online.

Think back through past conversations and see if they mentioned anything in particular.

For example:

“Time for some tea!”

“I want to film videos but only have an iPhone”

“I’m off to the theatre with my hubby”

Send them a special tea, a small tripod for their iPhone, or tickets to a play in their city.

Or you can follow them on social media to see what kinds of things they enjoy and talk about in their personal life.

Another option is to look through their Pinterest boards to find out what they love. A lot of Pinterest-lovers even have a “I want” board. This is gold!

If you can’t find anything 100% personal, use Etsy to find one-of-a-kind gift ideas.

Follow Their Social Media Accounts

If your clients hang out online, be sure to follow them where they hang out most. Not only does this show your support for them, but it gives you to opportunity to continue to support and interact with them.

  • Schedule 15 minutes a week to go through your clients profiles and interact with them.
  • Share their stuff! Comment on their blog posts, retweet them, and share their articles.



There is no better way to ensure repeat clients and on-going referrals than simply following up with past clients. Not only does this make them feel thought-about, appreciated, and loved, it keeps you on top of their mind for when they do need your services again or know of someone that might.

Often, clients might need your help now, but just haven’t taken the time to reach out. A little “Hey!” from you in their inbox might be all they need to hire you again.

When life and business gets busy, it can be hard to keep on top of this.

To help, use a Contact Management System (CRM) like Contactually or Streak (free) to keep track of your follow-up with clients. Or if you shy away from yet another software or browser add-on, simply set reminders in your calendar for 1-3-6 months after your work together is complete to send them a quick email.

Take Action Now

  • Take out a pen and paper and brainstorm what to put in your “Goodbye” package to clients.
  • Follow all past clients on social media and create a Twitter list for them.
  • Research a CRM option or set reminders in your calendar to follow-up with past clients.


Leah Kalamakis wants to live in a world where website shame doesn’t exist and anyone can find freedom in freelancing. As a web designer and freedom-seeker, she helps entrepreneurs have beautiful online homes and freelancers find freedom from soul-sucking corporate jobs.

When she’s not hanging out online, you can find her eating popcorn, riding her scooter along the French coast, or drinking wine in the sunshine.

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