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What are the major challenges that face new and emerging coaches?

  • Getting started, when no one knows that you exist.
  • Under-pricing yourself.
  • How to get out of the “muddling place” with coaching–beyond 2-3 clients, and into a thriving practice
  • Working with doubt.


After the video

If you’re a new coach–or what I call an “emerging coach,” someone who has been at it for a bit but who just isn’t seeing traction happen–what are the action steps that you know need to be taken?

How are the above-mentioned challenges showing up in your business, and what are you doing to work through them?

What’s the phone call that you need to make? The resource that would help you? The thing you haven’t tried because you’re feeling afraid, but your heart is whispering to you, “Hey, I know you’re afraid, but–do this. Do this, anyway.”

A huge part of The Coaching Blueprint is the emphasis on creating some kind of plan. Without some kind of structure–a blueprint for where you want to go–it’s easy to feel like you’re floundering.

Ask yourself: What are three things you can do right now that would create some semblance of structure in your business?

Another great follow-up? What are the weak spots in your business, the places where–if enough pressure were applied–things would fracture?

By the way: Rachel W. Cole once told me, “Each of my clients has a little room in my heart.”

She’s also the wise one who once said to me, “I don’t think you need a niche, but you do need a point of view.” Snap!

There’s this massive mis-perception that for some coaches, it’s just really easy to get a life coaching practice going. Rachel W. Cole gets honest and transparent in this interview, and talks about how relationships are foundational to the practice that she grew.


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rachel w coleRachel Cole is a fiercely loving, wise-beyond-her-years, gap-toothed life coach and creative project maven. The common ingredient of all Rachel’s varied endeavors is a passion for inspiring people to craft well-fed, compassionate, and connected lives. Her driving question for all of us is “What are you TRULY hungry for?”