In this snippet from our longer Coaching Blueprint interview, Sarah Morgan of shares with me her insights into Pinterest marketing for life coaches.

Lots of people just think of Pinterest as the place to go to DIY your own Christmas gift. What if I told you that there’s a lot more to it?

Sarah was pinning countless recipes and interior design images she knew she would never use. She started to realize she was pinning other people’s blog posts, but was never pinning her own. When she was, it was sporadically, without much thought in the image or boards which led to virtually no traffic. When she started to get more strategic, she had a pin go viral and got 600 subscribers in a week.

The key? Pinning often, and pinning from other people. While there is no magic formula… there kind of is. Pinterest likes pinners who pin consistently. You want to schedule so you are pinning all day long, not just a blast of 10 pins a couple times a week. By using a scheduling program, you can create a que, then it will post for you. That way, you can look like you’re posting all day long, while in reality you may only be actively pinning for about 10 minutes a day. A good place to start is about 10 pins per day, and then work to 30 pins a day.

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