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How do you actually measure the success of your Facebook Page (hint: it’s not about the number of people reached with any one post!)

Do you use your Facebook Insights? Or do you just look at that ‘people reached’ number on the bottom of each post on your Page and consider quitting Facebook altogether?

One of the best things about a Facebook Business Page, as opposed to just a personal Facebook Profile, is the wealth of data Facebook gives you about your audience and your Page’s performance.

These Insights can give you important information about WHO your people are, WHEN they are online, WHAT kind of content they like the most and HOW successful your Facebook efforts are as a whole.

As soon as you have 35 Likes on your Facebook Page you can access the wealth of information in your Insights

WHO are your Fans?

Take a look at your Facebook audience’s gender and age breakdowns (including how it compares to all of Facebook) in the ‘People’ tab of your Insights. You can also see where your audience is from, including the most popular cities, which could be helpful for planning live events.


My fans are overwhelmingly women with the biggest chunk in the 35-44 age range (although the 25-34s aren’t far behind.) This is perfect since this lines up very nicely with my ideal clients.

Ask yourself: Does this match up with who your ideal clients are? Are you surprised by any of these demographics? If you’ve been trading likes or padding your page with lots of friends and family who aren’t ideal clients, you may see that reflected here. (I know it’s tempting to want to increase Likes quickly but it’s much more valuable in the long term if you stay focused on attracting your ideal clients.)

WHEN are they online?

The ‘Posts’ tab has all kinds of goodies, but the first thing you’ll see is ‘When Your Fans are Online’. This is SUPER valuable for deciding when to schedule your posts and share important status updates.


As you can see, my fans are online most between 3 pm and 3 am in my local time, which is makes sense because I live in France but the majority of my audience and clients are in North America. While for me the days of the week are fairly even, this data tells me I shouldn’t neglect Friday and Saturday since those are the days when the highest number of my fans are online.

Ask yourself: Do you usually post when the biggest chunk of your audience will be online to see it? Are there times of the day when you rarely post but might consider trying? (For me, that’s midnight to 3am, for example.) Does your audience use Facebook a lot on the weekends? How about the day you usually publish your blog post?

WHAT content do your Fans like best?

Also in the ‘Posts’ tab you can look at ‘Post Types’ to see which type of content gets the most interaction from your audience. (Note: Photos and Videos are almost always going to get more ‘post clicks’ because they are more interactive, eg. clicking to pop the photo up in the FB lightbox viewer.)


On my Page I don’t post a lot of videos, but they have best Reach by far so I should keep that in mind going forward. Also, even though Photo posts have less Reach than Video posts, Photos have more Likes/Comments/Shares and almost as many clicks so they are the most engaging type of post for my audience.

Ask yourself: Are you surprised by the type of content that gets the most interaction from your audience? Do you consciously share more of what your audience likes best? When you are promoting your own stuff, do you create the content with your audience’s preferences in mind? (For example, if photos do best, do you share your blog posts as images as opposed to links?)

HOW successful are you at engaging them?

The way people complain about their Reach on Facebook, you think that was the only metric that mattered for Facebook success. But honestly, it’s only a very small piece of the puzzle and should NOT be your most important goal.

Because what does it matter how many people you reach if they aren’t interacting with your content? How does having your posts shown to your entire fan base help if only 2 click through to your website? What value is there to your business to have an audience of non-ideal clients who don’t engage (and will probably never buy from you) seeing your posts in their newsfeeds?

The Facebook algorithm is not something to be afraid of: it is there to give your audience the best experience possible and you have to earn your way into their newsfeeds. Sure, you need to be able to reach your audience for them to interact with your stuff but consistent, quality content delivered to a Page audience of ideal clients does work (check out the link to the free training in my bio below for a system that will help you create a month’s worth of great content in just a few hours).

So what metrics do matter? Engagement. Likes, comments, shares and post clicks tell you how well your content is resonating with your audience. (Of course, when Facebook sees a post getting a lot of engagement, the algorithm will boost that post’s reach organically as well, so looking at your Post Reach across an entire week will give you an idea how well your content is doing as a whole.)


The ‘Overview’ tab of your Insights has a great focus on Engagement that will let you see how your previous week’s posts are doing for interaction.

When you scroll down to the ‘All Posts’ section in the ‘Posts’ tab of your Insight you can see the interactions for each piece of content you’ve published in the last 3 months.


In my recent posts I can see there is one that went a bit ‘viral’ and got a TON of reach and clicks through shares.

Highlighted in purple on the screenshot above, you can see 3 important types of engagement information that you have access to here:

  1. The number of post clicks and likes/comments/shares on each post,
  2. The negative feedback any of the posts have received (hides, unlikes, etc.) — this is important to see what kinds of posts your audience really dislike, and
  3. The engagement rate of a post — this is a new-ish metric and I LOVE it because it shows you the percentage of people you REACHED who interacted in some way. This will truly show you how successful a post is independent of how many people it was shown to.


When you look at the engagement rate of posts, it’s not always the ones with the biggest reach that have the most interaction.

Ask yourself: What are your goals on Facebook? Are you creating an audience that interacts with your content or are you fixated on reaching the biggest number of people possible? What has gotten the most engagement in the past? What has gotten the most complaints (negative feedback) in the past?

Take Action Now

Take a look at the WHO, WHEN, WHAT and HOW in your Facebook Insights and notice if there is anything surprising there. Consider setting some goals for your Page (other than Reach!) and schedule some time each week to take a peek and do a more in-depth look once a month (you can download the data to .csv if you like tracking metrics in excel as much as I do!).

If you want some help setting goals or interpreting your Insights, feel free to come on over to The Coaching Blueprint Facebook Page in the next two weeks and ask any questions you have! I’ll do my very best to answer them.
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