In this short snippet from our full interview, I talk with Kira Sabin of the League of Adventurous Singles about how she’s created a thriving coaching practice–but without pushing to be the next big internet superstar.

Why am I talking to a dating coach about business and marketing? Cuz she’s really smart and knows her shit.

Kira grossed more than six figures with only 1,000 subscribers (967 to be exact) on her list. The trick? It doesn’t happen overnight.

Kira is nine years into her business, and is full on her. That confidence leads people to either jump all in, or click that unsubscribe button. And that’s okay, because those who do stay are rabid pure fans. They take classes, go on retreats, etc. There are so many business coaches out there who talk about 1% conversion rates, but that has never applied to Kira, because she is 100% her, with a crystal clear message.

You don’t find love, it’s not hiding under a bushel. You create it with another perfectly imperfect human being. Kira’s service doesn’t just offer dating and love help, it’s about learning about who you are as a human being and rising to personal challenges. Relationships go way beyond just who you’re dating. You have a relationship with your coworkers, with someone you see at the grocery store, friends; really every person you interact with. This applies to lots of areas in your life. To everything. When you learn this in Kira’s classes, walk out a different person.

For Kira, instead of going “how can I get as many numbers as possible so I can get that 1% conversion rate,” she takes the opposite approach of, “hey, whatever the standards of conversion are, I’m just going to put them out there. Instead of being wide with my sales funnel, I’m going to narrow it from the start. You’re in or you’re out.” Talk about a shit or get off the pot marketing strategy!

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