Time. How do you feel about that four letter word?

I would wager your relationship with time is a complex one.

In general most of us say on a daily basis “I just don’t have enough time” or “there isn’t enough time in the day”.

While I am not going to disagree that life is busy and the weeks slip by, I want you to take a moment to rate your relationship to the word time.

Like anything we struggle with in life, if we have a not-so positive (or damn right negative) relationship to it, it doesn’t show up in our life the way we want it.

Let’s flip it and take control of the time we have in our life.

If I asked you how many hours you had in a day I know you would be able to answer me. 24 hours. Right!

What if I asked you how many hours in a week? Before you go searching for the calculator I will tell you. 168 hours. Quite a chunk of time in fact!

Let’s break it down. Take time off for sleep and work and what do you have?

168 hours less 56 hours for sleep less 40 hours for work equals 72 hours. Alright, I hear you; work is super busy right now so even with a 50 hour work week you have over 60 hours to get things done in your life.

60 + Hours. That’s a lot.

Chores and Commuting might take time off those 60 hours. But I think you get my drift now. We do have time. It is how we choose to spend our time that matters.

Here are my suggestions on making the most of your week and those 60+hours:

Be clear on what your short and long term goals are.

E.g. Travel to Argentina, Train for a Triathlon, Learn to cook Thai food, Coach my son’s little league team

Schedule time for chores and be aware of how many hours they take away.

E.g. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, paying bills

Make use of the whole week

Try not to cram all your chores and downtime into the weekend. Can you do the grocery shopping on a Thursday night or vacuum the downstairs one morning before work?

Tip: Schedule something fun in the week as well. Want more one on one time with the kids? Perhaps Monday night is dinner or an activity with you and one child. Rotate each week whose night it is!

Be aware

Approach your week with a whole new set of clarity. Take the time to figure out how you spend your time. The article I read mentioned a-ha moment when they realized reading those free catalogs was not the best use of time!

Tip: T.V. normally is a big time sync. Have a look at your T.V watching hours and habits. A small tweak can make a big difference.

Make the best use of your time

Do you have a long commute or downtime between watching the kid’s sports? Listen to podcasts (my favorite as they are free) or audiobooks. That extra time used wisely can increase the amount of knowledge or relaxation you add into your week.

Plan something fun

Pick one activity in the weekend that has been on the “I really want to do that one day” list!
E.g. Check out the state parks hiking trails, go watch your favorite sports team in person, plan that surprise party, take a siesta!

Time doesn’t have to own you; you can prioritize how you spend your day. Taking charge of your week will add to a feeling that you are in control and show Mr or Mrs Time who is boss! Have a great 168 hours this week!
Liz Brazier is an internationally-based accountability coach, productivity strategist, writer, and host of the Live Your Life Now™ and Get the Right “Bleep” Done podcast. She’s dedicated her work to help entrepreneurs find more freedom, flexibility and control in their busy lives and business. How? By giving them the inspiration and tools to take action, kick busy work to the curb and help them get the RIGHT stuff done – instead of waiting for a magical ‘someday’. Connect with Liz on Facebook, Twitter or on her blog.

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