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Welcome to the Coaching Blueprint® library of resources just for Coaching Blueprint newsletter subscribers (found your way here and you aren’t yet a subscriber? Definitely join the newsletter–you’ll get weekly help building your coaching business and invites to special webinars and events).

In the meantime? Enjoy these free resources for marketing your coaching business.

Triple Your Traffic

People can’t hire you to coach them, if they don’t know that you exist. And if you’re a new coach, how do you get anyone to know that you’re out there? That’s exactly where Triple Your Traffic comes in, offering ideas for how you can, well, triple your website traffic. FREE.

Better Than Blogging

If you love to write? Awesome–blogging can totally work for you. But if you find that you don’t like writing, don’t have time for writing, or just want some ideas for content generation other than writing? Better Than Blogging is what you need. FREE.

The Craft of Coaching

The Craft of Coaching, hosted by Kate Swoboda, gets into the craft behind what we do. Listen in to get ideas for client exercises, think about the “how” of coaching, and hear relatable stories of what it’s like to be a professional life coach. FREE.

The Coaching Blueprint® digital program: start today.

  • That overwhelming feeling of not knowing what in the world you’re doing, in your business?
  • That panic when you look at your bank account?
  • The fun of coaching being overshadowed by all of the admin?
  • The “ugh” feeling about sales and marketing?

All of that can start to change–today–with the Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program. $225. Click here to learn more.

marketing for life coaches
marketing for life coaches