In this short snippet of our longer Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program interview, I talk with Layla Saad of about how she went through a radical business re-brand (this after some of her existing content had gone viral!).

Layla believes that going viral was one of the most spiritual, chaotic, and beautiful experiences of being in the business. She had never intended (or wanted) to go viral. While she considers herself introverted, Layla also has a need to have her voice be heard and share her message. She faces a constant internal conflict of both having the desire to say to say the words, while also desiring to not be seen.

She started her business in 2014 and was chugging along nicely. When she decided to write her viral post, How 6 Figure Business Coaches are Failing You, she was running a beta program about speaking your truth and having a position about what you believe in your business and what you stand for. Part of her desire to have integrity in her own teachings led her to pour forth this blog post. She started thinking about her own industry her idea of the honest way to coach. She dug into the common life coach industry concepts of pushing six-figures as the a metric of success. These ideas often let to predatory marketing practices. Layla also discusses the lies and illusions that people prop up in order to pretend they have success.

Her success led her into a radical business re-brand, as she continued to find her voice in the industry.

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