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While I know adding another social media channel to your marketing plan may be challenging, Instagram is a great way to inject a little more personality into your coaching biz and help draw in clients that will be a perfect match for you.

Since I write mostly about business and blogging on my website, I use Instagram to share photos from my day-to-day life as well as offer my followers blogging or business inspiration throughout the day.

When creating a Instagram strategy, consider your ideal client – what types of posts would appeal to them most? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to do?

Just like Pinterest, Instagram is all about the visuals, so it’s important to be consistent in the style of your photos, stick with one or two filters, and shoot photos in similar lighting and backgrounds.

Here are a few ideas on how to promote your coaching skills on Instagram:

Conquer a challenge

What do your ideal clients struggle with on a daily basis? In any business you’ll receive the same questions and hear the same complaints repeatedly. If your clients are struggling to staying motivated, you could post a series of photos throughout the day to inspire them to keep working. Remind users via your blog or Twitter to check your Instagram for a spark of motivation and include a hashtag to encourage them to participate.

Share a story

Another way to take advantage hashtags is by posting a #tbt (throw back thursday). Share something personal that you’ve learned or an experience that potential clients might benefit from hearing. Instagram is a great way to offer more personal aspects of your life without having to write a whole blog post, and it’s a more intimate space to create a conversation.

A quick tip

What’s one thing you can share to keep your client working toward their goals? Something you’ve added to your life that would work for them too? A habit you’ve stopped that has helped de-stress your life or get more done?

It may seem overly simple, but for someone just getting started it could be extremely helpful. Example: I recently posted a photo showing it’s possible to use your headphone as an iPhone camera remote. (Bet some of you are thinking, “Mind. Blown.”) My readers who take lots of photos for their blogs found it helpful to cut down on blurry selfies. Simple, but effective!

Behind the scenes

Followers who admire you and your work or aspire to become a coach will love to see how you get things done. Show off your messy (clean??) desk, your mid-day break, your workout routine. Share what you’ve got coming up or a sneak peek at secret business plans. Letting followers see a little more of your world than what’s on your website will help build trust and connection.

Share success

Whether it’s your own or the success of your clients, remind your followers that what they want to do is possible by celebrating accomplishments. It will not only give current and potential clients a boost in confidence, but help create a community around your business by letting clients relish in each others’ wins.

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Sarah Morgan is an award winning web designer, blog and business consultant, circus performer, and aerial instructor from just outside Detroit. She thrives on helping people grow their own websites, make the leap from unfulfilling jobs, and be brave in business and in life. In 2012 she quit her corporate design job to literally run away with the circus and get back to what she loves – working with bloggers and small businesses to create a killer online presence. Through her blog and ebooks, Sarah inspires readers to turn their passion into a job they love and build strong, successful online brands.


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