You’ve probably heard about webinars (and you might’ve even attended a few yourself), but you’re still a little confused about exactly how to use them for your coaching practice. Plus, the idea of figuring out how to host one yourself totally makes your head spin like crazy.

Let’s start calming that overwhelm, okay? Hosting a webinar isn’t just for the tech-savvy and it doesn’t have to be scary for complete beginners either. After you finish reading this, you’ll know exactly what steps to take to host your very first successful webinar, so you can fill those last few spots in your client list.

First, let’s talk about what a webinar is and how it can be a super effective marketing tool for your business.

Most simply put, a webinar is a virtual seminar given over the web. It sounds a bit bland, but really, it’s a way for you give a live talk while your biggest fans listen on the phone or through their computer.

Webinars are awesome because they help build momentum and buzz about your business, like drawing bees into the honey. They are a space for you to provide free content, so your audience can learn from you and then, ideally, take the next step and sign up to work with you. Sounds like a win-win to me!

So, how can you host your own webinar?

Here are my favorite services for hosting a webinar:

FreeConferencing– free and user-friendly
Instant Teleseminar– 21-day trail for $1 + a paid service with more options
GoToMeeting– free 30-day trail

What to talk about:

When preparing your talk for the webinar, follow these super simple steps:

1. Ask yourself, “What is the most urgent problem my dream client needs solved, like, right now?” (This will be your main topic.)

2. Then, what are 3 to 5 “secrets” from your program that solve this problem? (This will be the heart of your talk.)

3. Highlight the gap. For each of the 3 to 5 secrets you share, talk about the pain your dream client is experiencing, then create a vision of the results they want. This creates the gap, so you can share how your program is the ideal bridge between the two.

How to highlight the gap:

This is where you can be extra creative. Get inside your dream client’s head and imagine their thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams.

How does your dream client CURRENTLY feel?

Are they depressed, stressed out, full of shame, overwhelmed, frustrated, scared? Are they experiencing physical pain? How is their financial situation? Are their relationships being negatively affected? What bigger negative consequences might happen if your dream client doesn’t get help now?

How will your dream client feel AFTER your program?

Will they feel at peace, confident, free, excited, fulfilled? How is their self-image improved? Are they making more money? Is their career, relationship, or health improved? What big dreams will they be going after?

Once you’ve highlighted the gap for each of your 3 to 5 secrets, share how your program can fill that gap. At the end of your webinar, your audience will be craving a chance to work with you (and have their gap filled), so give them a chance by inviting them into your program.
Congratulations, you’ve just mapped out your first successful webinar!


Ashley Wilhite is the founder of Your Super Awesome Life, where she helps women live a life they love while creating a freedom-based business. You can find Ashley on Twitter, Facebook and get your free copy of “The 5 Things That Hold You Back From Living the Life You Love.”

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