How Do You Handle It When A Client Isn't Accountable? - Coaching Blueprint - marketing for life coaches


I asked the Blueprint Coaches this question: How do you handle it when a client isn’t accountable (i.e., they don’t show up on time, pay on time, they demand refunds when there was a clearly no-refund policy, etc.)?

I really have not run into this as a problem, believe it or not. I give every new client a copy of my Persnickety Particulars that they sign electronically as soon as they sign up…and that covers money stuff, scheduling stuff, late stuff, and all that other good stuff as to my policies and procedures.

It’s such a relief to have a client not show up and return your email (I always email them after 15 minutes…I was raised by a Jewish mother, so I always think my client is in a ditch if they’re late/a no show!) saying, “I know I can’t make this up”.

I’m a pretty non-confrontational person, but I’m all about standing strong to what’s been laid out and agreed to in my Particulars.


michelle ward

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