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four hour marketing

Get your marketing down to four hours a week.

Most coaches didn’t get into this profession thinking about marketing–you, more than likely, were focused on how great you felt coaching and how you could help people.

The Coaching Blueprint digital program will show you how to get your marketing time down to four hours a week. In this free preview from the Coaching Blueprint digital program, I give the broad strokes overview of how to do it; the program itself gets more detailed.


Once you’ve watched the video and have some of the basics of four-hour marketing, it’s time to learn more. The Coaching Blueprint digital program covers:

  • Exactly how to break down your time;
  • Time-saving hacks that will increase efficiency;
  • How to handle an increased workload after experiencing business growth;
  • How to become an organized blogger.

Get Started, and in 15 minutes you’re on your way.

The essential business-building checklist. How to get comfortable charging more. Knowing what to charge. Demographics vs. psychographics in your clients. How to find clients. Information about joint ventures. Sales pages that work. These are just some of the chapters in the four-module Coaching Blueprint program. Where will your coaching practice be, thirty days from now?

Interviews with these experts–six-figure coaches, best-selling authors, and more–are included in the Coaching Blueprint program.

“I used to feel that I never had anything worthwhile to tweet. I’m doing the program’s questions in the early morning and am having so many insights that I have lots to tweet about. Totally awesome!” –Pam Hirsch, Life Coach


If Kate’s Coaching Blueprint had existed sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and fretting about this stuff… my sales page got an immediate make-over upon reading the Blueprint. Thanks, Kate!” –Laura Simms, Career Coach,


I’m not exaggerating when I say ALL OF IT is useful. Incredibly so. TCB is one of the best investments in my biz to date. The video interviews are great because you gain a broader view of coaching from a variety of perspectives, the content is useful in ways you can immediately apply to your coaching practice, and the online biz savvy is invaluable.” — Toni McLellan, Life Coach,