I asked the Blueprint Coaches this question: What’s the structure of your business? What does it look like, today? Here’s how Tanya Geisler responded.


This is by no means a perfect science, a prescription or a 101 tutorial. This is simply “What works for me, NOW,” and it’s certainly not what worked for me when I first started out–oh goodness, no.

You see, when I first started out, all I wanted was to coach everyone. EVERYONE. Call it cockiness or straight-up enthusiasm, I was fairly certain there wasn’t a man, woman or child that I couldn’t make magic with. That I couldn’t help SHIFT into their magnificence.

I found out fairly quickly that there were some people I just wasn’t meant to serve. When I worked with people who were in deep resistance about their magnificence (and seemed to prefer it that way), it felt like I was dragging them around the dance floor. They wouldn’t “go there” but they would show up, week after week, happy to have me try something new each time. It was exhausting and not the kind of work I was meant to be doing.

I realized that there were other brilliant coaches who excelled at slowly and carefully moving into those places, and so I would lovingly hand those clients to a better-matched coach colleague. Of course, at that time, I wanted to make myself very wrong for having not been able to help the clients in the way that I wanted to help them.

I’ve come to see the inherent love AND arrogance of that…and have released it long ago.

Feeling into my own way required me to love my own way. Which, of course, was the moment my business started to work for me.

I know work exclusively with women (and a very small number of men) who are ready to step into their magnificence. They’ve been standing on the periphery of the metaphorical dance floor and are truly ready to own it. We work for short periods of time together (usually three months is enough to get them on the right path). In that time, we go deep, we sweat, we laugh, and we work our butts off. And off they go, rooted in their power.

So these days, my practice looks like this::

• No more than six 1:1clients at any one time (consisting of 2 1-hour sessions/month);
• Twice-run annually 3-month Step into Your Starring Role group coaching;
• Approx six Clarity Sessions per month; and,
• A couple of Booster Sessions/ month (these are 20 minutes of coaching that former clients hire me for when they need a shot of mojo to keep on the path we’ve set them on).

I have a program called Board of Your Life that exists as a download kit, and I also aim to speak once per month, but that’s not been as consistent as I’d like. Working on it.

This year, I took July + August off from coaching to travel and write. I may do that again next year–or not. We’ll see.

Because I generally work with clients for short periods of time (they show up with specific and targeted goals), I never have a waiting list of any significance. I prefer it that way.

You will find your way. And then, my hope is that you will love your way. Rooted in your truth, rooted in your gifts and genius, your clients will love it too.

Tanya Geisler is a certified professional business and life coach who helps people who helps people find their THING, get clear about it and then rock it out.  She’s also pretty adept at helping people step into their most glorious, radiant, productive, purposeful selves: the starring role of their lives.

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