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Dyana Valentine is an instigator, in the best possible way. She’s all about going for the gut, building momentum, finishing what you start when it’s your life’s big calling and knowing when to drop whatever isn’t–courageously, and fiercely. I was thrilled when she agreed to be part of the Coaching Blueprint, because I knew that she would share a resounding call for people to cut the bullshit and get in there and do amazing work.

Are you a life coach who’s still giving away free sessions?

Then yes–definitely watch this video, because you need to know the line between:

  • what you offer for free that builds your business,
  • what you offer as service to the collective good,
  • and what you should be charging for.


After the video

Consider these questions: What’s your current mindset around money, and how might that mindset be keeping you from bringing more money into your life?

Don’t get caught in the “easy trap” of going: Nope, no issues with money over here. I just am a humble coach who wants a sustainable practice, and I have zero money blocks that could be keeping money from getting into my account. If I just work hard, that’ll be enough.

I can articulate it so well only because I’ve learned the hard way the importance of plugging what I call “money leaks,” or various behaviors and mindsets that make handling money and doing business an awkward experience.


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dyana valentineDyana Valentine is not for the faint of heart. She’s spent the past 12 years instigating entrepreneurs and teams to complete seemingly impossible projects—we’re talking major brand overhauls, six-figure product launches, full-fledged manuscripts.