This one’s for those life coaches who are just starting out and hoping to create customized content…but have no idea where to start. We’re talking about customizing in Photoshop. Photoshop now offers a recurring monthly subscription, making it much more affordable for the novice user.

Let’s walk through how to take advantage of some Photoshop basics.

I started by simply writing some words on a white piece of paper and taking a picture of it on my phone. My end goal is to put my hand-written word on an image in order to make a customized graphic. By clicking the magic wand tool, it selects all the grain of the paper and deletes it. It’s that simple! Then to overlay on the image, simply select the word, paste it on your cropped image, and voila! A customized graphic! You can even change the word color.

I highly recommend you get and learn the basics of customizing in Photoshop. When you can create some of the basic things for your business, it is enormously helpful. Interested in more tips, tricks, and resources for your brand? I offer even more helpful tools with the purchase of The Coaching Blueprint program.


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