4 Ways To Customize Any Photo To Work With Your Brand - Coaching Blueprint - marketing for life coaches

“I’d know that shade of yellow anywhere; I can tell you exactly where that image was published!”
“Brushy, handwritten font? Love it. Know where that came from!”
“I should send her a link to this; I know she’d love it because it’s all navy and stripes with a few gold details.”

In a perfect world, these are the things we want people to say about you, your site, and your brand. (Of course, we also want them to say things like “She changed my life!” and “You need to hire her, like, yesterday!” … but you understand what I’m saying.)

The branding of your site includes more than your writing voice and how you frame your offerings. Your branding reaches down to the studs and bolts – the colors, fonts, and even the types of images you chose.

And unless you have one of those rare money trees, you probably can’t hire a photographer to shoot new photos for every.single.thing you post. Good news! You can customize absolutely any image to make it match your branding + you.

Here are four ways you can do just that!

Opt for for a consistent ‘feeling’ in the images you use

If your site has a lovely, overexposed, afternoon-light sort of vibe, you probably want to stay away from supersaturated images with lots of bright reds or royal blues. If you’ve got a bright site with lots of primary colors, a pastel-y photo might look out of place.

Thankfully, with some very, very basic photo editing you can make (almost) any photo match your branding. Turn up the saturation to make an image more colorful, turn up the ‘brightness’ to make it more dreamy and washed out, or just make it black and white so it won’t clash with your colors!

Choose images that match the colors in your branding

This tip isn’t so much about customizing photos as it is about customizing your photo search. When you designed your website, I’m sure you and your designer had a few conversations about colors and the feelings they conveyed, right? If the colors in your header and social media icons have been carefully chosen, why not carefully choose the colors in your photos?

I can see that Coaching Blueprint uses deep blue and marigold, so I would choose this image of a city
rather than this.
I might choose this image of a family
rather than this one.

Most image agencies will have a ‘search by color’ option which will make this a million times easier.

Add a wash of color that matches your branding

Braid Creative does a great job with this, adding a transparent corner of sunflower yellow to most of their images – which ties into the yellow in their header and their yellow ‘learn more’ buttons. Anytime you see an image with that yellow corner on Pinterest, you know exactly where it came from.

Always top your images with the same fonts

Adding text to your images makes them more Pinterest-friendly and a font that matches your header? Well, that’s polished as all get out. If you’re not sure which fonts are in use on your site, check out What The Font. Looking for a bit of font + image inspiration? Shauna Haider and Love Grows Design both do a great job.

See? Easy peasy! In no time people will be able to separate you and your images from everyone else.
Linda Laegreid Johannessen is the founder and CEO of YAY Images, a stock image agency that’s the Spotify version of affordable, licensed images. For just $9.90 a month, you have access to 5 million (!!!) images that are perfect for blog posts, newsletters, and social media. She’d love it if you took advantage of a free month of photos or followed along on Twitter.