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Biz Manifesto #1: Marketing CAN feel good.

If you’re going to have a thriving and successful business, you’re going to need to learn something about marketing. This is usually something that makes people cringe and groan. “Ugh,” they say. “Marketing. I haaaaate marketing.”

Let’s just go with this (possibly radical) concept: marketing can feel good.

Marketing can feel like…the equivalent of planning a party. When you plan a party, your “advertisement” is the invitation. You let people know when and where to show up, and what to bring. The idea that fun will be had is typically implied–people will have the fun of connecting with each other.

Here’s the critical difference in this comparison: when you market an event, a product, an offering, you’ve got to show people, rather than only imply, that there’s fun to be had.

Most people spend a lot of time in the “when and where to show up, and what to bring” place when they market. A pitching bomb hits Facebook. Registration deadline! Cost! Early-bird discount! Head to this website!

No wonder marketing doesn’t feel like fun, under those circumstances. It’s the equivalent of emailing your party guests, over and over, to remind them of the time and that you’re requesting BYOB. If someone receives 5-10 different emails over the course of a month reminding them that the deadline for the party is coming, and here’s when it is, and here’s what you need to bring, they’re not going to want to come to the party.

By contrast, if they receive 5-10 little bits of inspiration, little pieces that point to the larger puzzle of what they’re about to create when your e-book is released or your workshop starts, tempting visuals of what that infinity pool looks like at the resort where you’ve booked rooms for your retreat? Then the party starts to become a date on the calendar that you look forward to, over and over.

This starts, of course, with you–it starts with how you’re creating your offering or product. How do you feel as you’re writing? How do you feel as you’re planning? Does it feel like a burden, or like wrapping a surprise gift for a beloved friend?

If you’re excited about what you’re creating, and if you let others in on that excitement, marketing can feel good. It feels like a shared event. You let your passion greet people at the door, and they feel instantly welcome. The more you learn about ways to let people know about your passion–through social media, through email, through newsletters, through free workshops, through teleseminars–then the more you can broadcast that passion.

This is what’s possible for you: sharing what you do, with the people who resonate with your work, and feeling great about doing it. It all starts within.
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kate swobodaKate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of www.CoachingBlueprint.com and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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