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Your business is chugging along, you’re growing, you’ve got a great client list, but yet somehow you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsettled. As a coach, you feel like you should “know” better because you help your clients with these exact things.

Welcome to what I call the CEO growing pains. Somewhere along the way in our business we go from just being a coach to morphing into the CEO and we don’t even realize it. This phenomenon sets in at different points for different people, sometimes at a certain revenue point, or hiring a VA or even having a full client load. The key is to be able recognize the CEO growing pains when they show up – and learn how to lean into them instead of trying to resist.

The Signs of CEO Growing Pains

Working with emerging leaders, there’s a lot of things that come up for people as they step into their CEO shoes – especially if they don’t even realize it’s happening.

The most common sign of these growing pains is encountering massive amounts of resistance. If your coaching practice is going well, why are you having so much resistance? You may find yourself putting off big decisions, avoiding hiring the VA you so desperately need or running the “I’m not good enough” mantra on repeat.

Resistance is a tricky little bugger, but that resistance to things that are the natural next steps for your business is a surefire indicator that you’re on your way to becoming the CEO.

Very few of us actually move from coach to CEO with ease or grace because even the word CEO seems like too much. So we ask ourselves if we can even be the CEO when we’re a party of one and bury our heads in the sand.

Until you’re ready to accept that you’re the CEO and that you don’t have to be a big company to be the a CEO, you’re going to find yourself struggling with growing pains. The sooner you accept that you are indeed the CEO of You, Inc, the better.

What it Means to Move from Coach to CEO

Stepping into your role as CEO doesn’t mean that you have to build a multi-million dollar empire or soulless corporation. It’s simply code for you being more than the owner of the business where you taking on a leadership role that helps you reach your goals whatever they may be.

You may need to forget everything you know about leadership. Instead of the dudes in pinstriped suits in the corner office that you picture, this is modern leadership where coaches, entrepreneurs and change makers run small, agile businesses that make an impact on the community they serve.

This modern model of leadership lets us lead, change and live life on our terms, while helping our clients and making a healthy living in the process.

When you go from coach to CEO, you’re giving yourself permission to think bigger, get the help you need and make audacious dreams a reality. If the goal is to stay a party of one or build something bigger, it doesn’t matter, as the CEO instead of just the solo coach or business owner, you’re telling yourself and the world that you’re serious. That you’re the boss, and getting out of your own way in the process.

It’s your choice if you let the growing pains take you down for months or years, but the sooner you decide to be the CEO, the stronger your business will be.

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