In this short snippet of our longer interview for the Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program, Facebook ads expert Claire Pelletreau of shares how you can leverage Facebook ads to grow your business.

I have actually hired her to help me figure out Facebook ads and expand my brand. While I tried to figure it out on my own at first, I truly believe it is to your benefit to go get the additional investment and the education around this. Facebook ads aren’t something you can DIY with a couple of 10-page PDFs. Something more in-depth is necessary to fully take advantage of all Facebook has to offer.

Now you may be asking, what are the benefits of Facebook ads? There are a million ways for someone to market their business, why are Facebook ads a preferred method?

Claire Pelletreau has a simple answer. They are the lazy man’s marketing tool. We Skyped to complete this interview, after that I needed to spend the time to edit and post. From there, we sent it to our lists, and then spent the time and energy creating a guest post (the very one you’re reading right now!). All of this was done with the end goal of generating traffic to my site, and to create awareness of our businesses.

With Facebook ads, you spend a significantly shorter amount of time putting together an ad, and simply pay for traffic. And not just any traffic, targeted traffic. Some people may not want to shell out the money, but Claire personally doesn’t want to shell out the time. Non-paid avenues of advertising generally take a lot more effort to get less results.

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