CBBM #9: Success comes from these three things

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Coaching Blueprint Biz Manifesto #9: Success comes from solid work and good marketing, promoted consistently.

Solid work = work that lights you up and that offers value to the people for whom it is intended.

Good marketing = marketing that feels good, as well as marketing that is actually effective.

Consistency = more or less, most of the time, you’re talking to your tribe in some way, shape, or form.


Solid work, with no marketing or consistency? Doesn’t work. This is the arena that most heart-centered, values-based life coaches that I meet are playing in. They have something great to offer, but haven’t yet learned how to talk about what they do or they aren’t consistent.

(Note: consistent does not mean “consistent for six months and then stopping out of frustration or because life gets busy.” Consistent = consistent for the long haul, if that’s what it takes).

Marketing and consistency, without solid work? Doesn’t work. At least, it might work for selling slickster products (you’re going to see people marketing crap, quite well), but we’re aiming for something values-based and in integrity, the kind of marketing-meets-value where you can sleep at night.

In the Coaching Blueprint digital program, I ask people to assess what their commitment to entrepreneurship is. Are they truly in it for the long haul, with all the ups and downs that every new business goes through? Are they truly in for seeing their life’s work come to fruition, no matter what?

You don’t have to know, and you likely can’t know, where your business is headed. Nearly every coach that I interviewed for the Coaching Blueprint program started out with a life coaching practice that looks very different today, than they’d ever imagined when they began.

They have done three things, however: they have always endeavored to create solid work, they’ve done whatever they needed to do to learn about marketing, and they’ve been consistent.

Stick to those three things, and your business will grow. What’s more, you’ll know that you’re totally in integrity with yourself, as you grow–and it’s from that wellspring that you’ll find fulfillment.

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kate swoboda

Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of www.CoachingBlueprint.com and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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