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Coaching Blueprint Biz Manifesto #7: Running a business is an opportunity to grow as a person.

In the first few years of running your business–and even after you’ve started to see the fulfillment and financial success that all of your hard work is leading to–there’s one principle that will help you manage every single challenge.

If you treat running your business as an opportunity to grow as a person, you will always win at this, no matter what your bank account looks like, and no matter what happens.

If a client leaves–you treat it as a personal growth opportunity. The parts of you that feel rejected, or start to take it personally, or that get upset if the client is blaming or angry all become an opportunity to grow.

If you have a sudden cash windfall, and you realize with a sudden and stunning clarity that actually, contrary to a belief you’ve held for years, money doesn’t fix all of your problems, or that a new fear arises–holding on to the money, what if it never happens again, etc.–then all of that becomes an opportunity to grow as a person.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed, whether because of poor organization or taking on too much, this becomes an opportunity to grow.

Whatever happens in your business–and I do mean whatever happens, regardless of how innocuous it seems–is something that can be found in the larger arena of your life. Resentments and fears, as well as whatever excites you and delights you, will show up in the context of your business life. Instead of seeing “life” as this thing that you do when you’re not working with clients or planning your next marketing move, understand that all the attitudes, beliefs, and choices that you make in your business are just reflections of what’s happening in your overall life.

This means that you’re going to find the so-called “good” with the so-called “bad.” That’s fine. It’s this very richness that makes the experience of creating a career that’s based in your heart and your values so exciting and rewarding. This is the good news! Everything you do to work on something, or to enhance and cultivate more of something, in your business is going to translate to your life.

In other words: everything that you do to work on fear in the context of business is going to provide you with rich lessons for working with fear in life, and everywhere that you find excitement and passion in business is going to open you up to excitement and passion in life.

You didn’t leave one job, only to start doing this work and create another environment that didn’t feel good. All of your “stuff” is going to come up as you strike out and make a declaration that you’re going to live on your own terms, in every area of your life, including your work.

Start reframing every challenge in business as an opportunity to grow in your life, and you’re certain to see positive results.

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