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Manifesto #5: Money is a powerful tool–respect it and have fun with it.

The first four parts of the Coaching Blueprint Business Manifesto (see link, above) talk about perspectives around marketing and money. They point to getting the money in the door.

Once you have the money in the door, however? You’ve got to respect it.

There’s an entire chapter in the Coaching Blueprint downloadable program on shifting your money mindset. Part of running a successful life coaching practice means dealing with money, and if your mindset around money is a negative one, it’s harder to keep a consistent flow.

Respecting money looks like:

  • Planning for leaner times (there’s an ebb and flow to working for yourself)
  • Paying bills, and paying them on time.
  • Expecting accountability from your clients, and expecting them to pay on time, as well.
  • Feeling good about how you spend your money.
  • Not over-spending.
  • Standing behind what you charge and the value that you provide.
  • Seeing money as a tool, rather than a definition of who you are.
  • Regularly interacting with your money, such as taking time to balance your checkbook or view account activity.

Respecting money also looks like having fun with money–but there’s a difference between having fun, and wringing oneself out.

It’s fun to have a dinner party with a little wine. It’s not fun to get so wasted at that dinner party that you’re hung over, the next day.

It’s fun to spend money on things that you genuinely appreciate. It’s not fun to binge spend on stuff that doesn’t hold a lot of care for you, and then not be able to pay a bill or feel tight and pinched for a month until you can invoice your clients, again.
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If you are creating your life coaching business from the perspective of how you want to feel, and doing it on your own terms, and if you want to run your business rather than having it run you, ask yourself what money behaviors will have you feel most abundant.

Chances are good that whatever has you feel most abundant will be some combination of both respecting money as well as having fun with money. Use money as the powerful tool that it is, and you’ll be building a business that can stand firmly in abundance and in integrity.



kate swoboda

Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of www.CoachingBlueprint.com and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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