Manifesto #3: Learn from others, but create your own Blueprint

There’s a reason why this website, and the program that this website grew from, is called the Coaching BLUEPRINT.

I came to understand from a lot of trial and error that while we might all be in the same industry (life coaching), every business has nuances. Every business has its own Blueprint. There are going to be certain things that each and every life coaching practice has in common–such as providing value for clients or customers–but the way in which that value is delivered will be different.

That’s actually really good news, because it means that you can stop doing what everyone else is doing, and start focusing on doing what you want to do. For instance, you can stop learning about blogging as a content marketing strategy if you hate writing and feel under the gun to update your blog with written blog posts every week (in fact, you can grab the “Better than Blogging” e-book as a Blueprint e-letter subscriber).

Learn from others, but create your own Blueprint–that means that it’s valuable to learn the perspectives that others bring, but you’ve got to do this your way. This is a big reason why I involved so many other coaches in the Coaching Blueprint digital program–I knew that a program that only included my own perspectives wouldn’t really serve life coaches who wanted to do things differently.

You didn’t leave your last line of work, only to enter this line of work–life coaching–and then be miserable because you “have to” do things a certain way.

You’re only winning at this if you’re fulfilled while doing it. If you’re burned out, trying to conform to an image of what you’re supposed to be, or feeling anything less than flat-out ecstatic about your job each day, then it’s worth looking at where you can shift things.

Do it your way. Make this your blueprint.

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