Manifesto #2: If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it–no matter what the “experts” say.

As a life coach, you’ve probably said to your clients: “You are the expert on you.”

The same thing is true when it comes to marketing. You are the expert on you.

Few things are more painful to me than watching as a life coach hands over five or ten thousand dollars to some marketing “expert” who is promising them an easy six figures. The basic premise of most of these “experts” seems to be: “Look. You don’t really know what you’re doing, so let me pull back the curtain on all the things that I did, to build this massive twitter platform and make millions of dollars.”

They pretend to be your friend. They go, “Hey, it’s understandable that you don’t have a clue. Invest with me, and I’ll teach you everything.”

If the life coach doesn’t have success, the “expert” lures them in with another wave: “You’ve got to give it time,” they say, and that sounds so reasonable that the life coach signs up for another marketing mastermind weekend, or more training, or the advanced training…

I can think of one life coach who has now re-branded her website name three different times. Each time she does that, she sounds more and more like the person she’s invested thousands of dollars with. She’s making more and more promises that she can’t actually deliver on: teaching people how to be a millionaire through adopting a millionaire mindset, for instance, which is not something that she’s been able to do in her own life.

In listening to the “expert,” she’s moved farther and farther away from herself.

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Another example: Life coaches are often advised to adopt “package” models. They’re taught in marketing trainings to figure out a name for each type of “package.” Package A might be called the “glitzy-glitter” package and includes XYZ. Then Package B might be called the “glitz n’ glam” package and includes XYZ–plus a free bonus! And Package C might be called the “VIP Glitz” package, and includes XYZ, plus a free bonus, and if you act now, you’ll get a discount!

The majority of life coaches that I’ve had sessions with have told me that they feel uncomfortable with this style of marketing. It feels cheesy and inauthentic. I agree–if every anything sounded like an infomercial product, it’s the layout of the “package options” on many life coaching pages.

But, these coaches say, “Everyone says that that’s what ‘works.’ ”

Well, maybe. I’ve never done the package model. A lot of life coaches choose not to do it. You don’t have to do “packages.”

I’ve also been told that the “only way” to make money in coaching is to adopt a tight niche–as in, to become a “dating coach” or an “infertility coach” or a “divorce coach” or a “business coach.”

Well…that hasn’t exactly been the truth for me, either. I’ve never adopted a tight niche, because it never felt right to do. You don’t have to, either (in the Coaching Blueprint digital program, I expand on this, sharing how you need either a niche, a perspective, or a personality, and the best brands have some element of all three).
So I’ll lay it down:

Yes, you’re probably going to feel like you don’t know a lot as you start your life coaching practice.

But you do know you. You know what you’re capable of. You know what demonstrable results you’ve brought people, in the past. You know what people have shared with you about how you’ve helped them. You know what you’re most passionate about–not just helping people, but specifically helping a specific type of person with a specific type of problem and a specific set of values.

If you utilize tools that help you to clarify what it is that you uniquely bring, you don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to have other people tell you “how it is” and “what you have to do.”

The truth about marketing is that a lot of things “work.” Every time someone lays down the rulebook for “how it is,” someone else comes in and shatters that rulebook by doing it differently (and then everyone says how they’re so innovative, by the way).

Along the way, yes, you do need to invest in marketing education. Learning about how to craft a great newsletter, what engages people on Facebook, how to clarify your business’s values so that you can integrate those into your blog posts and messaging–those are all skill-sets that point to success.

However, notice that as I tick off a list like that, I’m talking about skill-sets–not just trying to dazzle you with the “secret” for high returns.

Bottom line: If you’re going to marketing seminars and at the end of the seminar they start telling you about how if you’re “really serious” about building your business, you’ll make an “investment” in their program; if you’re shelling out thousands of dollars for contact with an “expert” but you aren’t seeing thousand-dollar returns; if anyone, anywhere, is talking more about making big money than they are educating you in a specific skill-set related to marketing business–and especially if their tag lines include anything about learning “secrets”…head in the other direction.

If you feel more afraid as you sign on the dotted line, than you feel good–don’t do it.

You’re the expert on you. Everything you need to learn, you will learn–and yeah, it’s going to take time, and that’s okay. Platforms that sustain businesses are not built in a day. You’ll learn more about yourself and what you really want out of life through this process of building your business. The rewards at the end won’t just be financial–you’ll have done this on your own terms, and that’s what really matters.

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