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Feel overwhelmed by marketing?

I get it. Marketing often feels fuzzy and amorphous, and coaches frequently beat themselves up for not being able to “get it.” Here’s a perspective that might help you let yourself off the hook, a bit: when we’re looking at our own offerings, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Someone else’s bad marketing? That’s easy to spot. But our own? Not so easy.

Want to get clearer on marketing?

As Bridget Pilloud says in this interview, marketing can seem like this big “thing” when a life coach first gets on the scene.

  • Take just five minutes to watch this video–she’s going to break down marketing to its simplest of elements.

Then ask yourself how you can apply your own coaching practice to this perspective.

The Coaching Blueprint has an entire module on marketing, that takes you through the process, step-by-step, because–as so many coaches have shared–the most surprising thing about getting a coaching practice going is trying to figure out how to market yourself. I talk with a lot of new and emerging life coaches, and consistently, they share that the hard part is marketing.

Here’s what one coach recently shared about her experience with TCB:

“Module TWO – creating resonance–Loved it! Kate takes the art of marketing and tips the scale on how to create authentic, true marketing that doesn’t come across as aggressive or over-bearing.”



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bridget pilloud

Bridget Pilloud is a professional life-shifter, working with clients worldwide to change their personal and professional lives through energetic alignment and personal and professional development.