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Blueprint Circles: A Marketing Mastermind for Life Coaches



The Blueprint Circle Marketing Mastermind :: Up-Level your business practices so that you can make more money, without working harder.



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A Blueprint Circle is a 30-day marketing mastermind held once a year, each May. If you’ve been blogging and sending out newsletters but you’re not seeing the results you know you could, it’s time to up-level your business practices so that you can start making more money, without necessarily working harder.

Is this you?

  • You’ve been doing the D-I-Y thing for way too long. You want more personalized feedback–someone to look at your processes, and tell you straight up what needs to change.
  • You’re overwhelmed or turned off by large marketing training programs with thousands of people, all clamoring to be noticed by the leader. You want something intimate, where the leader actually gets to know you.
  • You want to learn marketing approaches that are both value-driven AND effective. You don’t want to become a marketing slickster, and yet you also want to make more moeny.
  • You’re busy and you need to save as much time as possible, so you like the idea of investing 30 days and reaping the rewards of that for months to come, rather than being stuck on a treadmill of endless work.
  • You want to learn marketing strategies from someone who has actually built her practice to six-figure status, from the ground, up–you’re done buying in to programs run by new life coaches who don’t know what they’re doing.


Start Seeing More Results For Your Life Coaching Business


  • Get more traffic to your website, and connect with more people.
  • Receive sales page help–everything from suggestions about design and formatting, to improving your website copy so that more clients sign up to work with you.
  • Create blog posts that do double-duty: today they’re your website content, and tomorrow they’re your next workshop, retreat or downloadable offering.
  • Save MORE time. Learn how to create newsletters that are both effective at getting responses from readers AND automated. Less work for you, more value for your people.
  • Create an optional ongoing business mastermind for regular support.
  • Implement systems, processes, and frameworks for your business that keep you organized.



May 4th: Week One: Knowing Your Clients You’ll learn a straightforward approach that takes what customers say and translates that into coaching sales pages that generate more interest and that bring you more clients. BONUS: utilize this approach for focusing your next launch, crafting courses, and more.

May 11th: Week Two: Creating a responsive business See the bigger picture of your business systems and set up metrics that track how the processes that you change will convert to growth. Stop feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing or “what works.” Actually create systems so that you know exactly what works for your business.

May 18th: Week Three: Creating responsive content You’ve already tried working harder–that’s exhausting you. Instead, work smarter. Learn how to create blog content that people are more responsive to, and how you could convert that into your next passive-income offering (a course, workshop, or more!).

May 25th: Week Four: Easeful and responsive newsletters If you’re overwhelmed by trying to create content for your newsletter every week, you’ll learn how to create a responsive newsletter that doesn’t require constant attention (a huge time-saver).






What’s the Blueprint Circle process like?

During each week of our 30-day intensive, you’ll set aside approximately 4-6 hours for reviewing the week’s lesson (a combination of audio, video, and worksheet training materials) and implementing them into your business, as well as communicating with other members of our group to both receive and offer feedback.

On Wednesdays, you’ll be part of a virtual classroom, where we go over that week’s concepts and students raise hands to ask the teacher and each other questions: “Can you take a look at my ‘coaching’ page and tell me if it’s clear how someone can work with me?” and “I’m setting up my newsletters to launch my new e-course. Here are the topics they’re going to focus on. What’s your advice for the order they should be in?” All calls are recorded in case you need to miss a call.

Calls are held 5:30-7:00pm Pacific time, May 4, 11, 18, and 25th.

“The audios and worksheets have been such a gift to listen to and use as a guide. They have been particularly invaluable to have in-between sessions, to keep me connected to the content we were exploring.”



This is not a beginner’s circle. There are a few requirements for joining:

1. You’ve got a functional website and blog that you’ve been updating at least semi-regularly for awhile.
2. You’ve got a functional newsletter, set up and ready to go. If it’s been awhile since you last sent a newsletter, that’s fine, but please start emailing your list in the weeks before we begin, to “warm” the list in preparation for what you’ll learn during this mastermind.
3. You’ve got a basic idea of who it is that you want to work with and/or what you’re particularly passionate about–you’re not still debating about whether or not you want to be a health coach vs. a business coach.





Cost: $750, payable in installments. The non-refundable deposit of $250 holds your space in our group, with $500 due by May 1st.

This is the only Circle being held this year. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, learning more about your business, and connecting with you during our training!



kate-2015-bio-photo I’m Kate Swoboda, also known as Kate Courageous. I’m a life coach, writer, and creator of a six-figure business that began just like yours–I started with zero clients, zero followers, and zero dollars, and have learned my way to the top.

No magic tricks. I’m just like you. I wanted to build a business that was both fulfilling AND profitable, without compromising my integrity or doing slickster-feeling promotions that reduced my services to a discount offering.

My business is proof that you can become a life coach doing work that you love, and build a business based on your own rules, your own Blueprint. Everything that I offer, whether it’s the Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program or the more personalized Blueprint Circle, is aimed at helping you to create a business that is not only personally fulfilling, but also financially fulfilling.

There are a million different business trainings, masterminds, schools, and marketing programs out there. If you decide that you’d like to be part of the Blueprint Circle, it’s because you’re craving something more intimate and personalized, and you want to learn from someone who’s walked this terrain and created success without any gimmicks.

Partnering together, we’re also going to have some fun. Welcome!

~ Kate


“I really feel like this course is giving me just what I need to kick things in my business up to the next level. Being part of this has shown me why you’ve created such a successful business–you take your work very seriously and you are so smart in the way you do things. I’m grateful that you are here for me to learn from.”

“I felt like I had a lot of ideas but needed more of a framework. Now I feel like that framework I was craving is there for me to use. I can create the details of it in a way that not only is good for me, but is also incredibly smart for my business.”

“I have been able to write targeted posts and get responses from my people. I also had more confidence in marketing to my group and one-on-one sessions because I was narrowing in on the topics that spoke to my audience.”