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I’m passionate about helping life coaches make their practices profitable, while still staying aligned with their values.

That means: no slickster marketing, no gimmicks, and a big hell yes to doing business your way.

But there’s a pinpoint of discernment that’s important: doing things your way still means that you gotta do something.

The Adult-ing of Business

Yes, I get it—you became a coach because you wanted to command your own hours and do work that lit up your soul.

I want that for you, too—I just also want you to make a profit.

Making a profit and marketing talk? It requires some “adult-ing.” Doing things your way might still mean that you have to do some adult-ing and also do a few things that aren’t your absolute favorite.

Take social media, for instance. I’ve heard many new coaches talk about how much they hate it. For them, not being on Facebook or Twitter is like a badge of honor.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t want to be on social media because you dislike it and you want to “do things your way,” fine. I don’t know anyone who was born saying, “When I grow up, I want to come up with tweets that have high conversion rates.”

Just understand that with that decision to do it your way and not be on social media, you might be creating more work for yourself. Or you might be creating something of an uphill battle for your business, where it takes longer to find clients or connect with the right people.

And that? That means you might not get to some other things, “your way,” like being able to work fewer hours, overall.

Being Seen

I have this theory that for most people who go into working for themselves, the underlying challenge is one of being fully seen.

Being fully seen for who you are.
Being fully seen for your expertise.
Being fully seen in the spaces where you’re not the expert.
Being fully seen and risking rejection.

We resist doing the things that will make us most visible, because being visible is scary.

Options for the Stuff You Don’t Like

For anything that could be helpful to growing your business, but for whatever reason you just don’t like it?

There are options for the stuff you don’t like.

You could…

…talk to someone who does it in a way that you like. See what they do about the parts that they don’t like.

…delegate the stuff you don’t like, to someone you hire.

…intentionally find something you like, so that it’s no longer “stuff I don’t like.”

…decide that the energy you’re putting into not liking something is probably where 90% of the problem is coming from. So hey, stop putting that energy there.

Doing Business Your Way

Yes, you can do business your way. Keep in mind that sometimes, compromises will be necessary. It’s compromising on your essential values that you really want to avoid—values around not “pushing pain points” to get business, for instance.

Resistance around social media, or aligning different aspects of your business to boost your SEO rankings, or being willing to re-write a sales page that’s lackluster so that you get higher converting sales?

This is resistance to work through—and it’s resistance that’s worth exploring from the vantage point of, “Am I resistant to this because I have a fear of being fully seen?”


kate swobodaKate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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