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When you’re “reacting” in business, you’re thinking things like… “What’s going to make me money?” and “How can I get more followers?”

You might do what I did during my first year in business–spend the last $150 you had on your credit card on a meeting with a “business consultant” who mostly blew off our time together. She hadn’t even looked at my website, prior to our meeting.

Why did I plunk that money down? Because I was in a space of fear. I was reacting. I needed to know how to make money, and to do that, I thought you needed more followers, more subscribers, an ever-bigger platform.

On one hand, that’s true. You do need a platform.

The problem? The people like that “business consultant” are mostly interested in keeping you in a state of reaction. Whatever they say is the next best thing that you need? They’re hoping you’ll react by going, “Oh! That’ll be the magic pill that makes my business finally work!”

Creating Responsiveness

Creating responsiveness feels different. It feels different in your body, and in your business.

The primary question stops being, “What do I need to do, to make money?” and starts being, “Who do I want to be, that will lead to making money?”

When you’re asking who you want to be in your business, the products, services, and offerings that are best for the other people who also want to align with who you’re being, start to come forward. Then you’re out of “chasing followers” mode.

When you start creating, rather than reacting, your business has a chance to really take off.

2014 Blueprint Circle Marketing Mastermind

There are a lot of options for learning about marketing. The Blueprint Circle marketing mastermind is targeted to a specific group of life coaches: those who already have an established website and blog set up, who are ready to get more specific and targeted feedback on what they’re doing.

I think of the Blueprint Circle as being like a “next level” for a life coach who has already read and resonated with the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

The Circle is for the coach who doesn’t need another course on “how to blog” or a new strategic list for building her Twitter followers. She’s already figured out some of the basics of marketing, but she knows:

At a certain point, you just can’t keep doing this, alone. You can’t keep D-I-Ying everything. You need feedback on what you’re doing, and you need to create a wider network of coaches to connect with.

Want to learn more? Join the Blueprint Circles early-information list, and you’ll get the dates, times, and and a pre-registration discount.




“Working with Kate was one of the best things I did for my business. If you can get into one of her Blueprint Circles, do it!” –Margo Brockman

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Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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