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Do it your way. Go ahead–truly–do it your way.

Tia Sparkles is a life coach–among other things. She’s multi-passionate and trusts whichever direction they take her, and that has made for one helluva successful practice. In this short interview, she talks about how she:

  • leveraged from “good” to “great”
  • changed a stagnant email list, to a list that went into the thousands.

This short excerpt is from our longer “good to great” interview as part of The Coaching Blueprint.




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tia sparklesLife Coach Tia Sparkles believes that taking 100% personal responsibility for your own
happiness + life leads to freedom, fun, intimacy, and a kickass life that SHINES! She
runs a super popular self empowerment + personal development website offering practical
tips, sassy advice, and community hug-a-thons to ignite your Inner Sparkle — that shimmery part of your spirit that says YES to courage + connection, and NO WAY to ‘shoulds’ + restrictions.