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Are you shifting with the changing paradigm of coaching?

The world of coaching is changing–not just in terms of marketing or being online, but in terms of how we work with clients.

For so long, there’s been this idea that therapy is about “therapist as expert(which does such a disservice to the enormous number of therapists out there that don’t subscribe to that idea!), and that coaching, by contrast, is about the “client as expert.”

Perhaps you even have “The client is the expert” all over your sales pages.

But–what if that were only part of the story?


After the video

Consider where you might be putting forth an “old paradigm” idea about coaching on your sales pages, giving your clients a diluted version of you and what you could offer. Are *you* fully showing up within your offering?

In the module on impeccability in The Coaching Blueprint I ask coaches to consider moving away from several of the “old paradigms” of coaching–including the idea that coaching is about the future while therapy is about the past, or even that coaching and therapy have zero overlap (a controversial idea, for some!).


The Coaching Blueprint helped me gain clarity around my offerings, and weed out some of the things that were not really in service to my clients, dreams, and goals.

My practice is now growing and evolving beyond my wildest dreams, as I share my love of community-centered strategy, big ideas, and living life unconstrained with the world.”
–Danielle Nelson,


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julie daleyCertified Coach, teacher, and writer, Julie Daley has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to take an inward journey of the creative heart–the source within each of us that guides us to knowing, healing, and personal evolution.