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When I updated The Coaching Blueprint program in 2012, adding about 100 more pages of content and an additional interviews with six-figure life coaches, the response on launch day from long-time users of the program was unanimous:

“It’s amazing that you’re giving us this much additional content without asking us to make another purchase.”

I do that because The Coaching Blueprint program is not the product of someone who decided that a great way to make a buck was to sell people on how to make a buck, without actually learning how to do that.

This program was truly built from the ground up. There’s not a single thing in there that I haven’t tested. I don’t offer any suggestions that I haven’t already parsed through and learned, myself–often, the hard way, and sometimes miraculously through smarts and hard work and good intuitive hits all coming together at once.

I want you to succeed at this.

So, then: Meet Fabeku.

What’s above is just a snippet of our longer interview, which covers:

  • how “just be yourself” can be tricky business advice
  • how your website’s comments might lead you to mis-judge impact
  • the marketing mistakes that (unfortunately) out-of-integrity consultants are telling people to make
  • the importance of discerning when someone is truly ready for your work
  • the top 3 things that Fabeku does that keep his business growing so beautifully



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fabekuFabeku Fatunmise is…a Business Awesomizer. Suck exorcist. Sonic alchemist. And–the World’s Most Skeptical Shaman. He works with creatively juicy people who want to tune into the pure essence of their purpose + turn up the awesome on everything they put into the world.