The Coaching Blueprint is for life coaches who want to create successful, profitable businesses–without resorting to inauthentic, slickster marketing. We’re interested in living our values through our work and creating a community where everyone succeeds.

You became a life coach because the work lit you up. You discovered that you had a unique and tireless desire to help people really understand themselves and their struggles, and you want to be part of helping them. Then came the marketing, administrative tasks, workflows, and client challenges.


The wannabe gurus out there teach an inauthentic (and often ineffective!) model of marketing–so let’s do this, differently. (P.S. Introverts are welcome!).

You don’t want to push on pain points, craft inauthentic “elevator pitches,” or create artificial deadlines and “bargain basement” pricing schemes to get clients to work with you–and despite what you’ve been told, you don’t have to.

CoachingBlueprint.com is an online community for life coaches who want to create fulfilling, successful, and profitable practices. You’ll learn about how to market yourself without feeling like a greasy-haired slickster. You’ll create workflows that are easeful, minimize administrative tasks, and know what to do when client challenges arise.

Here are a few first steps:

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Meet the coaches


The Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program for life coaches features interviews with successful, established coaches, each of whom shares about how they got their practice going, things they’ve learned along the way, their top marketing tips, and more. Those who own the Coaching Blueprint program will automatically get free upgrades–if I interview someone new or update the content, you’ll get that update, free.

Where will your practice be, 30 days from now?

  • No more marketing that feels awful and inauthentic.
  • No more feeling overwhelmed about getting administrative tasks done.
  • No more doing this alone.

This is marketing for life coaches where you step into creating your own, personal Blueprint for your life coaching practice.

(P.S. Acupuncturists, therapists, counselors, and others with heart-based client practices as certainly welcome!).