How many half-written blog posts do you have filed away? 5? 50? Somewhere in between?

Personally, I’ve lost count, each one of them axed to the tune of, “Scratch that. Who am I to write that anyway?

Endless edits. More endless brainstorms to find topics where you’re an “expert”. Scratching your head to figure out what you actually are an expert in, in the first place.

As bloggers we all know those days. Or weeks. Writer’s block, we call them. Self-judgement, perhaps. But we know we have to get through them, else we find ourselves in an unplanned extended hiatus from our blogs while we write draft after draft, or scour other people’s blogs for “inspiration”.

But I think Rumi said it best:

Your defects are the ways that glory gets manifested. Whoever sees clearly what is diseased in himself begins to gallop on the way. There is nothing worse than thinking you are well enough.

When we confront the truth- that our greatest inspiration, our deepest capacity to be a coach and a guide, comes from our own wounds and defects- we can claim this power to write even more provocative blogs that our readers and clients can connect with on a deeply personal level.

So instead of burying your head in your keyboard and “possible blog post” sticky notes, try these steps.


Ideas for blog inspiration

1. Look back at your life and choose five pivotal experiences you feel have really made you into who you are. These can be cataclysmic or subtle- but likely if they were significant for you, they’ll resonate with your readers. What’s more, sharing these experiences will give your readers an insight into why you are qualified to be their guide: you’ve gone through the same things that they’re struggling with. Which brings me to…

2. Listen to what your readers are struggling with. Is there a common thread in what they email/comment about? The issues that people bring to you are the areas that they believe you’re an expert. Sometimes it takes looking in this external mirror to see reflected back your areas of expertise and grace.

3. Write about something completely different. It’s ok to stray a bit every once in a while- whether it’s sharing the top 5 lessons you learned when you were stranded at the airport for 24 hours, or an interview with someone you just find plain inspirational, sometimes to get yourself out of the “I don’t have any sage advice to give!” rut you need to break free from “how you do things”.

4. Read up on Carl Jung’s concept of The Wounded Healer. He creates an archetype around the story of Chiron, a renowned healer in Ancient Greece who became a gifted healer after he was critically wounded and, as a result, suffered from constant pain. We offer ourselves as guides to our clients not from a place of superiority or total healing, but a humble place of understanding their suffering. Then we can walk with them on their journey- rather than presuming to pull them forward. How would you write for your readers if you were walking beside them? Take a risk and write from a vulnerable place.

5. Whatever you do, DON’T go pouring over other people’s blogs. I promise you, it doesn’t help. At all. We do this under the guise of “inspiration”, but really its comparison in disguise. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

In fact, if you start feeling like you’re in a blogging rut? Stop reading other people’s blogs. This will help you get back into your own voice and your own experience. Step away from the computer and go live, love, learn. THIS is what your readers want to hear about.

And remember- your readers and clients aren’t looking for a superhero. They’re looking for a human being who understands their experiences and is able to offer them guidance. Let your blogs- and your coaching- be a reflection of how much you’ve grown along the way- nobody expects you to have it all together. We all love an underdog, remember?


Heather Day is a Transformational Coach, yoga teacher, and a guide for those who seek to live a Heart Centered Life. She helps people who have fallen out of balance to return to center with intuitive and practical tools for body, soul, and lifestyle. You’ll find her eating papaya, teaching yoga and coaching from her home in Costa Rica. Get her free meditation series to overcome fear and find your own Heart Center, and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook

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