5 Steps to Take the Fear Out of Launching Your E-Course or Program


When you’re building your empire, one of the best ways to get buzz and gain sales is to launch that new product or service you’ve been working so hard on.

Launching is a coordination of all your marketing efforts to push your one new offer. If you don’t launch it, it will likely go unnoticed.

Even something as small as a blog post can be launched. Think about it: after you’ve written a blog post, you share it on various social media platforms, send it out to your newsletter, and reference it in online forums.

When you’re launching something big—like a new product, business, website, program or e-course—there is a lot more at stake. As a launch strategist, my clients often tell me that one of the biggest surprises about launching is how much fear they face.

Launching your e-course or program is scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

If just thinking about your next launch has you shaking in your shoes, here are 5 ways you can take the fear out of your launch.


For every 10 minutes spent planning your launch, you save an hour.

Start by creating a checklist for all of the little items that need to get done. Warning: As your checklist grows, you may feel fear and self-doubt creep in. Try to push past those feelings and keep going!

Next, create a calendar for all of the important dates, then give each checklist item its own due date. This will help you break down your checklist into manageable chunks.


No great idea was ever launched alone. Ask for help by creating a list of “champions”:

  • Who are the people who believe in you or your mission?
  • Who are the friends you can talk to, who won’t tell you that you’re crazy?
  • Who are the family members who will help you run errands, clean your house, or get groceries on launch day?

Put all of these people on one list and start assigning jobs to them. Reach out to them, tell them what you’re doing, and ask for their support. Communicate your appreciation and watch your champions line up to help make your dream possible.


In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield introduces the concept of “upleveling.” He explains that every time you reach beyond what you’ve done before, you’ll hit your “upper limit.” This is the point at which individuals get sick, sabotage their success, or just quit.

The way through this is to recognize that you’re breaking ground on what is possible for you and to be very kind to yourself in the process. Instead of pretending that you’re not afraid, take a moment to recognize all that you’re doing. Acknowledge the nagging doubt inside of you, then decide that all of this is possible and press forward.


When it comes to launching, something always goes wrong. And usually, multiple things will go wrong. This doesn’t mean your launch is not a success; it’s just the nature of launching.

The more you try to make your launch “perfect,” the more disastrous your launch will be. Keep the mantra “80% is good enough” in mind, and repeat it over and over to yourself. When you do this, your launch will 100% successful.


Launch with the fear. Your fear is not a sign of future failure! Don’t wait until you feel completely confident, because that day will never come. All successful people take action, even in the face of fear.

Take a look at your checklist, the champions who are helping you, and the self-imposed limitations you’re facing, then let go of your need to control the fear and make your launch happen.

Take Action Now

Use your launch as training to become an even better coach. While you face your fears, you’ll be able to continue to connect with your clients where they are now and help them to be courageous.

Farideh Ceaser is a musician turned launch strategist. After 15 years on the road touring as a musician, Farideh switched gears and now helps entrepreneurs launch their big ideas and online courses. She regularly delivers her wisdom in the form of a ukelele and a song here. Grab your copy of Farideh’s free 30-Day Launch Checklist & Calendar at www.launchyourcourse.com