In preparing to write for the Coaching Blueprint, I’ve been perusing blogs and websites to see what coaches write about and how they promote their content and products. What I’ve noticed is the same pattern of traffic-generating blog posts, formulas for marketing products, and the incentives offered over and over. Obviously these strategies work, but how do you, in a sea of brilliant coaches, make yourself and your business stand out? How do you navigate away from the norm, and find better ways to blog to market your business to your perfect readers and clients?

What kind of coach are you?

First nail down how you want readers and potential clients to see you and your business – are you the nurturing coach offering advice with a dose of sensitivity? The butt-kicking coach who doesn’t take any excuses? The straight and narrow coach who sticks to the rules? Or maybe the adventurous coach who thinks outside the box?

No matter what type of coach you are, sharing your personality and your style of coaching through your content is important to help separate you from the crowd. While you may offer similar advice and services as other coaches, not one other person has your same experiences and perspective. Use that to your advantage!

Who are your ideal clients?

And what about your clients…are they young women starting businesses straight out of college? 30-somethings ready to escape the 9 to 5 and start a business of their own? Mothers adding a side hustle as they raise their children? Or baby boomers learning to create online businesses?

Writing with a specific person in mind, instead of producing content for the masses, will not only help generate unique content that is likely to attract those ideal clients to your business, but it will make brainstorming post ideas 100 times easier. Don’t write for everyone, write for one specific person.

Once you know who you’re writing for, work to find solutions to issues directly facing your clients and readers. Your blog isn’t just a source of information, it’s a giant marketing machine to subtly tell potential customers and clients, “I know what I’m talking about, I know how to help you, and you need to hire me NOW!”

Avoid the norm at all costs

As a business person I’m sure you’ve spent time checking out the competition and have seen post ideas repeated across the blogosphere. These topics are obviously repeated because they do generate traffic and boost reader engagement, but are they causing you to blend in with the crowd? Are readers consuming all the content they can find without any interest in the person behind it?

You need to make new readers stop and say – this person is reading my mind or the way this person writes makes me want to hang out with them or I want to come back to this site/follow her on Twitter/sign up for her mailing list because I want more of what SHE’S got, not just more coaching and business advice.

Next time you work on your editorial calendar (you have one of those right??), form your post ideas around three things – what will benefit your ideal client (don’t worry about all those other people), how you can present the information in a way that is unique to you and your experiences while avoiding generic and over-used topics.


Sarah Morgan is an award winning web designer, blog and business consultant, circus performer, and aerial instructor from just outside Detroit. She thrives on helping people grow their own websites, make the leap from unfulfilling jobs, and be brave in business and in life. In 2012 she quit her corporate design job to literally run away with the circus and get back to what she loves – working with bloggers and small businesses to create a killer online presence. Through her blog and ebooks, Sarah inspires readers to turn their passion into a job they love and build strong, successful online brands.

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