It's time for your coaching business to make money--without the side helping of overwhelm.

The Coaching Blueprint®  has helped thousands of life coaches start making more money, in less time–all while avoiding slickster marketing tactics that feel gross and inauthentic.

Ready to feel like you have some idea of what you’re actually doing? It’s time to create your personal Coaching Blueprint®.

“If Kate’s Blueprint had existed sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and fretting about this stuff… my sales page got an immediate make-over upon reading the Blueprint. Thanks, Kate!”

Laura Simms, Your Career Homecoming

Start getting a grasp on what you’re actually doing, with your business.

When you’re first starting out as a coach, there’s SO much overwhelm and a ton of fear about how to make money, manage the admin, and continue to hone your craft of coaching.

It feels like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks, and it’s frustrating to never know if the time you’re putting into your business will end up with the results you want.

Working through The Coaching Blueprint® you’ll have an opportunity to think not just about the strategic marketing pieces, but also how to stay authentic and aligned with values-based marketing and business practices.

Who's your ideal client?

With the Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program, you’ll start using your values and empathy to speak to your ideal clientele–on your website, on social media, and in any content that you create. When you speak with authenticity to the problems clients face and solutions coaching can provide, clients see how starting coaching with you can change their lives.

What are the marketing practices that really work?

The Coaching Blueprint® exercises will walk you through marketing practices that have helped life coaches earn 6+ figures (or more) with their businesses. You’ll get access to interviews with multiple coaches and consultants who share how they grew their coaching businesses.

How do I stop the overwhelm?

The Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program walks you through both the mindset work you need to do in order to cultivate resilience, as well as time-savers so that you spend less time on admin and more time doing what you love: coaching.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say ALL OF IT is useful. Incredibly so. The Coaching Blueprint® is one of the best investments in my biz to date. The video interviews are great because you gain a broader view of coaching from a variety of perspectives, the content is useful in ways you can immediately apply to your coaching practice, and the online biz savvy is invaluable.”

Toni McLellan

“I sincerely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…I seriously felt like you wrote it for where I am with my business.”

Valerie Tookes

Your Business, your way.

You didn’t start your life coaching business, to play by “rules” that feel inauthentic, overwhelming, or slickster. With the Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program, you can learn how to create content rich with meaning and talk about what you do in ways that feel good–not cheesy–when you meet potential clients.

How does it work?

Each module of The Coaching Blueprint® focuses on a specific aspect of your business: your desired clients, website, content, promotional practices, mindset. You’ll use worksheets and exercises to start getting clear about what you’re building with your business and how you want it to look, giving you space to take it at your own pace. Our course module system marks where you left off each time you hop in to complete a new exercise.

You’ll also get access to Coaching Blueprint®  interviews with multiple six-figure coaches and consultants–they’ve written books, appeared in major publications like Forbes and USA Today, worked with clients all over the world, and created signature programs, and they’re sharing the moves they made, with you.


Get access to interviews with coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and more who share how they built their businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to complete The Coaching Blueprint®?

Some coaches have finished The Coaching Blueprint® in as little as 30 days. The chapters and videos are designed to be digestible in smaller pieces that work together to create a holistic blueprint for your practice. With that said, your purchase gives you lifetime access to The Coaching Blueprint®, including free access to any new updates. As long as the program exists and is in rotation, your purchase gives you access to come back to it again and again as your business evolves and grows. 

I want to work with a specific niche/type of client. Will The Coaching Blueprint® apply to me?
Yes! The bulk of the work in The Coaching Blueprint® focuses on how to be authentic, aligned with your values, and empathy-driven in your marketing. You will craft marketing messaging that speaks to the clients you want to work with. Coaches, nutritionists, consultants, yoga teachers, herbalists, and others in client-based businesses have used The Coaching Blueprint®,
What are some specific things that I will learn?
  • Clarifying what you want to help clients with and how to speak to that on your website and in the content that you create;
  • which pages are essential for your website and how to structure those pages to better convert passive viewers to clients who are excited to work with you;
  • what you do/don’t need to spend money on;
  • different approaches for creating content;
  • how to save time when creating content…and more!
I'm a newbie coach. Will this be too hard for me?
The Coaching Blueprint® is designed for “new and emerging” coaches. If you’re a newbie coach, it’s going to help you get the basic foundations to build your business. If you’re an “emerging coach”–a coach who maybe isn’t new but who has definitely always felt “new” when it comes to marketing and who is frustrated with the not knowing what she’s doing, The Coaching Blueprint® will also be valuable for helping you create a solid foundation for your business, done your way.
How do I access the interviews with six-figure coaches?
After registering your purchase for The Coaching Blueprint®, you’ll be given login access to our private portal just for Coaching Blueprint® users. Within that portal, you’ll see all of the course modules, including the interviews module. You’ll get access to interviews with Leonie Dawson, Tara Mohr, Danielle LaPorte, and others, as well as interviews with marketing strategists such as Claire Pelletreau on Facebook ads and Sarah Morgan talking Pinterest strategies. All interviews are included with the Coaching Blueprint® program.

About Kate Swoboda, creator of The Coaching Blueprint®

Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda

Creator of The Coaching Blueprint®

I’m Kate Swoboda, sometimes known as “Kate Courageous,” and I’m the creator of the Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program–first created in 2010, we’re now celebrating the program’s ten-year anniversary!

I’m also the creator of (named a top-50 website by Greatist), author of the book The Courage Habit (which endorsed by several New York Times best-selling authors), and I’m also the Director of Training for the ICF-Accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification.

I’ve been a life coach since 2006, and when I first started my coaching practice, I felt like everything was an uphill slog. Everything was overwhelming, and I couldn’t tell which of my efforts were going to pay off–which was frustrating, since money was slow coming in the door. I hated the idea of “marketing” and felt like every resource out there was asking me to be inauthentic and slickster in my approach.

As I finally started to figure a thing or two (or ten) out about creating a fulfilling and financially successful coaching business, I began to gain traction with my practice and that’s when coaches began emailing me to ask: how was I doing it? After typing out enough emails, I began to compile ideas into what would form the backbone of The Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program. Today, the program has been used by people all over the world to create coaching businesses that aren’t just financially successful, but that also tap into fulfillment. You want to feel good about your business, and The Coaching Blueprint® can help you get there. I’m excited to hear how YOU start making more money, in less time than it ever took me, by using the tools in The Coaching Blueprint®.

“I was *just* getting started when Kate and The Coaching Blueprint® came into my world- I had a few clients, but was still figuring out my offerings, my voice, my style. I felt totally overwhelmed and alone, like I was the only one who had EVER struggled with this stuff, right?…Kate lays out the foundation for building not just a successful coaching practice, but defining “success” in my own terms…That set me up for a happier, more lucrative (!) practice in the long term, anyway! And she does it all in accessible, manageable terms and timeframes- as someone who tends towards overwhelm, this has been incredibly important!”

Heather Day

“Reading and working my way through Kate Courageous’s The Coaching Blueprint®–So much I can put into practice right NOW! If you are an acupuncturist or herbalist, this is for you, too!”

Emily Perry


Your Coaching Blueprint® purchase gives you lifetime access to the program–as long as it exists, you get access. This includes access to any updates made to the program, such as new interviews, additional modules, worksheets, and more. 

You can begin changing your business, today–NOW. You can start going from feeling confused and overwhelmed, to structured and with a plan. And through it all? It’ll be your business, your way, crafting your unique Coaching Blueprint.

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